Laser hair removal makes your skin a cellophane first

The human skin is a relatively light-transmissive structure. Clinical experiments by plastic and cosmetic experts have found that the skin is just a transparent cellophane in front of a powerful laser. Therefore, as long as you choose a laser with a suitable wavelength and strictly control the hair removal time, the effect is still very good. Not bad. Laser hair removal uses the principle that the melanin of the hair follicle can absorb thermal energy, even for lip hair removal. These energy are sufficient to raise the temperature of the hair follicle and destroy the function of the hair follicle.

The hair growth cycle can be divided into three stages, namely growth period, maturity period, and resting period. Laser can effectively destroy the hair follicles of hair in the growth stage, hinder and stop hair growth. Laser hair removal is permanent. The specific intense pulsed light can penetrate the epidermis to reach the root of the hair follicle, so that the temperature of the sweat hair root can be rapidly increased, and the sweat hair root can be heated and solidified without affecting the sweat gland secretion, thereby achieving the purpose of permanent laser hair removal. The process of laser hair removal is simple and fast, and there is usually no scar after treatment.

This treatment is critical under the guidance of a professional doctor. You dont have to worry about whether laser hair removal is dangerous. The doctor said that the damaged hair will fall off after each laser treatment. This phenomenon usually lasts about one to two months. After about one course of treatment, that is, three to four laser hair removal treatments, the hair can be completely cleaned, and Never grow again.

1. Before laser hair removal, first clean and disinfect the part to be removed. Some women use their own beeswax to remove hair. At this time, it is best to use a small amount of talcum powder to absorb the oil on the skin surface to enhance the adhesion of the wax. In addition, because the capillaries and capillary nerves are concentrated on the hair root, it is easy to cause pain when pulling the hair.

2. Before laser hair removal, use a towel to cover ice cubes and apply cold to the hair removal area to reduce pain. Do not use too much force when removing hair, otherwise it will irritate the skin and exacerbate pain.

3. After laser hair removal, disinfect with alcohol and apply some anti-inflammatory ointment on the hair removal area to avoid causing folliculitis. Doctors do not advocate using scissors to cut the armpit hair with a razor blade, because doing so is very easy to hurt, causing bacterial infection in the armpit area, not only local pain and discomfort, but also easily cause symptoms such as lymphadenopathy.

For the hair removal technology in the plastic industry, there are many that can achieve perfect results, and laser hair removal is one of the best plastic surgery methods. Those who want to use laser hair removal, you might as well try this plastic technology. Just pay attention to the precautions for hair removal and plastics introduced above!

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