Life in Autumu and Mental Health

The beginning of autumn is the beginning of autumn. While people are enjoying the autumn air, don t forget that it also brings the seasonal theme—dryness. What effect will Qiuzao have on the human body, and how should we deal with it?

In a dry climate environment, the human body can produce a lot of dryness with less fluid. For example, lung injury, cough, autumn cough, often dry cough without sputum or plastic sputum difficult to swallow, called dry cough.

Blowing the nose is the secret of the lungs. Dry nose or nasal nasal discharge are especially common after the beginning of the autumn. The former is almost unavoidable. The larynx and pharynx are also the portals of the lungs and the channels of the lung air . Qiuzao s attack often causes discomfort such as dry throat, dry mouth, and dumb sound. The lungs are also covered with fur, and the dry, cracked skin and even disgraceful hair appearing in autumn are related to autumn dryness.

In traditional Chinese medicine, autumn and March-Yin Qi starts, goes to bed early and gets up early. Therefore, it is reasonable to lie down and get up early in the daily life to strengthen the sleep time at night, just to compensate for the lack of sleep in summer.

After the autumn, the weather will gradually cool down. In the home environment, it is not appropriate to turn on the air conditioner for 24 hours, especially at night. Use air conditioning as little as possible. Open the windows early in the morning and evening, and ventilate, and circulate air to keep the indoor air fresh.

In the autumn, people tend to feel irritable, emotionally unstable, and easily lead to psychological diseases such as depression. Be sure to maintain a cheerful temperament, make yourself happy, communicate more with others, and treat everything calmly. Only in this way can you prevent yourself from falling into the psychological shadow of depression.

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