Men also have menopause.

As we all know, women will be younger, which is also an important turning point in women s life. So, do men have menopause? What are the characteristics of menopause? According to experts, menopause is not the same as women. After menopause, men are often troubled by various physical and psychological symptoms, and they experience a lot of physical and mental discomfort. Therefore, men should pay attention to the problems in life during menopause, in order to minimize the impact of these discomfort symptoms, usually need to pay attention to the following three aspects.

What should men pay attention to during menopause? First of all, they should insist on regular physical exercise or other activities that can activate the mind and body. Such activities can improve your sense of self and make you feel energetic and healthy. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure adequate sleep, change bad life habits, remember not to drink alcohol, not to have extramarital affairs, at the same time to relieve all kinds of stress and maintain an optimistic and peaceful mood.

Men enter the menopause stage and pay attention to ensuring comprehensive nutrition. For example, you should often eat fish and meat to supplement amino acids; yam, sesame, and tempeh are good for the prostate; foods rich in vitamin C are good for bones and teeth; carrots are rich in carotene and can fight cancer. Some nutrition experts also point out that when men enter menopause, they can eat 5 more foods each day: barley, soybeans, yam, burdock, and royal jelly. Among them, barley kernels and yam can be boiled with sweet potatoes and served as a daily breakfast. Drink a glass of royal jelly every morning, season with pollen and honey.

What men should pay attention to during menopause, in addition to paying attention to self-adjustment in life and diet, they should also carry out a comprehensive physical health check. Once diagnosed as male menopause, it is necessary to take symptomatic medication under the guidance and supervision of a specialist to completely eliminate the symptoms of menopause.

The above introduces some issues that men should pay attention to during menopause. I hope they can help you. Traditional Chinese medicine has a significant effect on improving menopause symptoms and has few adverse reactions. For example, Liuwei Dihuang Pill, Buzhong Yiqi Decoction, and Shaoyao Gancao Decoction can all be used under the guidance of a doctor.

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