Men also have menopause

At present, the pressure on men s life and work in society is very high, and the direct consequence is that men s health is in a sub-health state. Menopause is one of these states. Not only women have menopause, but men also have menopause after 50. Therefore, men should care about their physical health in their daily lives and avoid the occurrence of menopause that will cause life problems.

Men s menopause can be caused by a decrease in testosterone in the 50s to 60s. If men around the age of 50 often experience symptoms such as stress or depression, fatigue, memory loss, inattention, insomnia, decreased sexual desire, and erectile dysfunction , they should be wary of entering menopause. Relevant experts also pointed out that men s menopause is caused by a decline in male testosterone, which is more common in people with greater mental stress, chronic diseases, poor lifestyles and lack of exercise, and even some people enter menopause at the age of 40.

Therefore, men must start with their own diet in daily life, strengthen nutrition, exercise regularly, and develop good habits to avoid the advancement of menopause.

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