Men Must Eat, Three Foods That Enhance Sexual Performance

Male friends often want to show endless courage and ability in front of their lover. Therefore, many men will train their sexuality in normal times, and some men will help themselves to help sex through diet, then Let s talk about the three types of foods that men must eat.

An article published in the American male lifestyle magazine Best Life entitled Eight Foods That Men Must Eat Everyday is in a variety of foods that can promote men s health, improve fitness effects, and even improve male sexual abilities Spinach topped the list, claiming to be the best food for men.

American experts reason that spinach can promote muscle growth and improve sexual performance. The article points out that the 3 fatty acids and folic acid contained in spinach can provide a certain amount of energy for muscle synthesis. Folic acid can also accelerate blood circulation to the reproductive organs and improve sexual performance. Chinese nutrition experts also expressed their recognition of the nutritional value of spinach. The advantage of spinach, which can speed up blood circulation, is a good choice for daily diet to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and osteoporosis.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the aphrodisiac food, medlar, Ganping, can nourish liver and kidney, improve eyesight and nourish blood. Modern medicine has also proven that wolfberry can reduce cholesterol, excite brain nerves, enhance immune function, anti-aging and beauty, etc., and play a very beneficial role in human health.

Chinese wolfberry tea: Chinese wolfberry can be taken all year round. It is advisable to make tea in summer, but it is better to drink it in the afternoon to improve physical fitness and help sleep. However, it should be noted that wolfberry tea should not be paired with green tea. It is suitable for brewing with Gongju, honeysuckle, fat sea and rock sugar, especially for computer families with excessive eyes.

Experts point out that red dates are rich in vitamins A and C, amino acids such as lysine and arginine, and 36 trace elements such as calcium and iron. Jujube also contains triterpenoids, which have anti-fatigue effects and can enhance endurance. In addition , it is rich in cyclic adenosine monophosphate, a substance that dilates blood vessels, which not only improves the nutritional status of the heart muscle, but also improves blood supply to the penis and increases the stiffness of the erection. Famous Doctor s Special Records clearly states that red dates can strengthen bones and bones, help yin and qi, make people fat . Men with qi deficiency and kidney deficiency often eat red dates, which can significantly enhance sexual desire.

In a busy society, sexual life has become a way for many men and women to relieve stress. So to get a perfect passion experience, male friends should think of using some helpful foods and methods to help themselves, then With my own efforts, sex life will definitely become very enjoyable.

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