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Just after exercise is the Don t Eat period, the most taboo eating. Because half an hour after the exercise is the best time for the body to absorb, if you eat at this time, you will eat what is fat, what you just consumed will be replaced immediately.

Concentration is too important. When many people are exercising, they don t focus on the muscles they want to exercise or the actions they should do, but they should be forced to exercise the wrong muscles. For example, if you want to practice the pectoral muscles, you will get distracted to the triceps, and finally become a strong sailor pie with a small chest but too large arms. It looks very funny. You can only focus on doing the right movements, and you wont be injured because of incorrect postures. Fitness will not hurt you.

Fitness is persistent, as long as you are not lazy, it will definitely bear fruit. If you are a regular gym person, one and a half to two hours at a time, three to four times a week; if you practice at home, half an hour to one hour a day, it is great.

This is the most important part of exercise. Generally, you will hear two factions. One faction is any movement. Exhale when approaching the heart and inhale when leaving the heart. My personal experience is that any breathing method is fine, as long as I feel smooth.

When many people do sports, because they have to eat as much milk as possible, they have so many expressions that they affect the muscles on one face and then regenerate the wrinkles on one face. Fitness people, you must be calm, try to stay faceless when you exercise, focus on the body muscles you want to exercise, so that you can save your face from the fate of accelerated aging.

Whether it is the ability to carry weights or the number of movements, it cannot be held up. Many people practice fitness like magic. I always want to do a little bit more, and quickly become a fairy. This is quite dangerous. If you cant control your weight, you cant carry the weight anymore, you have to add an extra half a kilo, or you are too tired to do it, and you have to do a few more times. And the number is to be.

This is an art. People must have a living imaginary enemy to motivate them, and then they will have the motivation to progress and be more fulfilled. This goal is best for the people around you, who you think are in good shape and not too difficult to achieve the goal, and who can let you see directly every day you can view, like the sunny and fit little brother in the office, Or Prince of Lines in the circle of friends. Don t be so far-fetched, consider Schwarzenegger an imaginary enemy, and you will live in constant frustration. Wait until you defeat the imaginary enemy in the first stage, and then find the next more difficult target.

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