Muscle leg lady successfully thin legs 9cm experience

I used to be a typical muscular leg, with a thin upper body and a stiff lower body. Later, the calf lost 9CM, the thigh lost 10CM, and the weight was reduced by 15 kg. This experience hopes to help more sisters.

I first talk about my situation. I used to be a typical muscular leg. Since I was an athlete in 6 years of middle school, I specialized in sprinting and long-distance running, so that calf and thigh are terrible ~~~~! When I started to reduce my legs, I had 19 birds and felt hopeless. At that time, the situation was about 40cm calf, 55cm thigh circumference, I was 166 tall and weighed 111. The upper body is thinner, and the lower body is stout and stiff.

I started to reduce it formally in September 2008. First, I patted my muscles very loosely, and refused all leg movements. When hitting, use the palm of your hand to hit the hardest muscle mass. When the skin becomes hot, I stop. It is easier to loosen the skin with a little rose oil before the shot. Every 20 minutes, I insisted on doing it every day. Two months later, my muscles became completely loose.

In November, the flapping continued. I bought two raspberry varicose veins tight leggings to wear, 90 yuan each. The effect is very good, it is very tight and uncomfortable. During the spring, I just patted these pants and did nothing else.

2 In February 2009, I took off the tight-leg pants, and it looks much better. At that time, the data was probably: calves: 36-38CM, thighs: 51CM-54CM, height was 166, and weight 105-105 kg.

Massage: From the soles of the feet to the thighs, massage every inch, use your thumb to exert force, and press the meat under the skin. Lasts 15 minutes / leg. At this point, the muscle is already a pork belly bird, so you don t need to pat it, but you need to remove excess fat. The focus of the massage is on the back side of the calf, the front side of the thigh, and the sole of the foot. This is the key! It is very helpful to use some essential oils during massage, or just a lotion.

Reduced leg tea: rose plus shamrock tea. Bought on Taobao, very cheap. The taste is ok. Just drink tea. I usually drink more water and eat more fruits and vegetables. I am determined to stop eating eggs and lean meat. I need to reduce the intake of amino acids to avoid muscle growth.

1: Lie on the bed with your legs stretched straight up to the sky, the whole shape is L-shaped, just stand upright, don t let it go down, and use pats if you feel sore, but don t put it down as long as you can. The wall is easy to make, but the effect is not as good.

2: After action 1 can t keep up, lower your leg. The overall shape is Z-shaped, the thighs should be as close to the belly as possible, and the calf should be straightened slowly to form a horizontal V-shape. The smaller the angle, the better. The legs must be straight.

3: Add some movements on the basis of 1. The legs are brought together first, then slowly spread out, and the front is seen as a V-shape. The larger the angle, the better and then slowly close together. Repeat several times . 123 sets of actions are exchanged every day for about 30 minutes.

I do it every day and never be lazy. Now that my legs have satisfied me, and people have lost a lot of weight, I dont know if I still have weight loss? Oh, the data: 31CM calf, 44.5CM thigh, height 166,

Comparing with the weight of 96 pounds at the beginning, the calf lost 9CM, the thigh lost 10CM, and the weight lost 15 kg. It looks good now and doesn t bounce. Our whole family is very pleased, parents don t have to listen to me complaining about birds anymore. My boyfriend actually offered to buy me a short skirt. Hey, that s so cool ~~~ 嗷嗷.

My method of leg reduction is very simple. As long as I persist, don t relax for a day. There is no muscular leg that cannot be reduced. If you have unclear sisters, just ask me. I hope everyone has fine legs as soon as possible, let s beat the muscles together!

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