Nine strokes maintenance strategy for prosthetic breast augmentation

1. There will be a simple dressing on the wound after the operation, and a bandage in the middle will fix the breast. After two to three days, go to the doctor for a follow-up examination and you can bathe normally. Schedule another week for follow-up visits one and six months later. The sutures in the wound will dissolve automatically within ten days.

2. In the first month after the surgery, you should wear any of the fitting soft bust or positioning chest belt according to the doctor s instructions, or let the breast tissue naturally shape without wearing the bust. The breast will feel swollen and not soft at the beginning. After one to two months, the breast texture will be more natural. When you mentally integrate it into a part of your body, no longer pay attention to the existence of the prosthesis, you are fully recovered.

3. Do not wear a bust with iron wire within six months after the operation to prevent deformation of the chest and the occurrence of capsular twinning (capsular fibrosis).

4. The breast massage starts one week after the operation. The method is to push the breast upwards, as far as possible, inside and outside. Keep the position for ten seconds, and do five minutes for the left and right breast. Morning and evening twice in the first month. Start every night for two months and last for one year. After one year changed to irregular massage. Breast massage can loosen the envelope fiber tissue around the prosthesis and effectively reduce the occurrence of envelope twinning, so it should be persistent.

In addition, In addition, 800 units of vitamin E (400 units in the morning and evening) are taken daily after breast augmentation surgery for six consecutive months, which helps prevent the thoracic envelope tissue from contracting and hardening.

6. In the first three months after surgery, the scars of the wounds after surgery will appear normal physiological phenomenon of sclerosis, bulges and redness, but most of them will fade and fade to insignificant marks after about six months.

7. For women with thin body and weak chest tissue, the edges of the subcutaneous prosthesis may be slightly felt under the touch, especially at the lower and outer sides of the breast. Choosing a silicone prosthesis material and placing the prosthesis under the pectoral muscle can reduce but cannot completely avoid these problems.

8. After breast augmentation surgery, the chest usually has pain and bruises, the degree of which varies from person to person, depending on the method of surgery, the nature and the physical fitness of the individual. The pain usually lasts for about two to three days, and can be controlled on time according to the doctor s instructions. Bruising will resolve in about one to two weeks.

9. After two to three days of rest, daily activities can generally resume after two to three days on the surgery day. You can work as usual after the fifth to seven days after the operation. Avoid raising your arms and carrying heavy objects in the first week after surgery. Avoid steam bath swimming for two weeks. Vigorous exercise can only be performed two weeks after the operation.

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