Obese children need to follow the weight loss principles

First, determine if your child is really obese. Generally, more than 20% of the standard height and weight are considered obese, and more than 50% are

Second, we must understand the causes of children s obesity. After excluding obesity caused by pathological factors, you can consider whether it is simple obesity caused by factors such as excess nutrition and insufficient exercise. In addition, there are a few principles you must follow when helping your child implement a weight loss program:

Simple obesity is a chronic disease that is closely related to lifestyles. It is not essential to achieve good results quickly in the short term. Some weight loss ads now claim to lose weight quickly, which is very unscientific.

Since this type of obesity is related to lifestyle, as a parent, you should pay more attention to correcting your child s bad lifestyle, or perform effective treatment under the guidance of a physician.

For children to lose weight, it is strictly forbidden to drink slimming tea and take short-term fast-acting slimming pills, because many slimming teas (medicines) contains sibutramine and other ingredients, which can cause many adverse reactions such as anorexia, insomnia, abnormal thinking, and elevated blood pressure, which will seriously hinder The growth and development of children even affects their intelligence.

The child is in the period of growth and development and needs all aspects of nutrition. Therefore, it is not advisable to take hunger therapy to lose weight. Of course, liposuction is even more adverse.

The key for children to lose weight is to control weight gain. Parents can start with diet and exercise. Generally speaking, the diet of chubby should be light and low in salt, and try not to eat greasy, salty, high calories and fats, and smoked food.

When making amaranth, healthy cooking methods such as steaming, stewing and cooking should be used. At the same time, parents should assist their children to change their bad eating habits such as not eating breakfast, adding meals at night, eating too fast, overeating , eating and playing, and snacking before meals.

In terms of sports, aerobic exercises such as swimming, walking, skipping, jogging are the mainstay, and they are not less than 20 minutes a day. If the child is hungry after exercise, don t let him let it go. Let him drink boiled water first, then drink some gruel or green leafy vegetable soup.

Here, we need to remind all parents who are fat and fat that it is imperative for them to lose weight. If the child s weight does not increase with height, it indicates that the initial effect of weight loss has been achieved. But if you lose more than 0.5 kilograms a week, you need to pay attention to it, the weight loss is too fast, it will hurt the child!

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