Obese men need gout prevention more

Gout is a very common and afflicting arthritis disease. According to research, this disease is more common in obese men aged 40 to 65 years. People who develop gout suffer from painful joints during the onset of the disease and more severe pain at night. Adult men who are obese need special attention to prevent gout. Let me introduce you to some related knowledge. It is useful to understand.

Expert introduction: Gout occurs in adult obese men aged 40 to 65. The cause is due to the lack of an enzyme in the human body that cannot break down a substance called purine in food, which causes uric acid to not be metabolized normally, and the concentration in the blood continues. Increased, gout symptoms appear in a certain period. The most typical first symptom is sudden unilateral big toe joint pain, followed by acute gouty arthritis, which is clinically characterized by sudden unilateral pain in the knee joint, fever and swelling of the diseased joint and surrounding soft tissue, and night pain Severe, symptoms usually resolve on their own for 7-10 days.

The gout must be treated in time to avoid causing too much harm to itself. Suffering from gout. If left untreated, about half of the patients will develop significant gout stones and permanent joint distortion.

Prevention of gout is not only something that obese men need to pay attention to. Although the incidence of obese women is relatively low, they also need to pay attention to adjusting their diet and changing their bad habits.

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