Obese woman shrinks stomach to lose weight

  Xiao Juan usually eats a lot of food, and she is always insufficient. She believes that the reason she is obese is because of big stomach. In order to lose weight, Xiao Juan has taken a variety of diet pills, and she insists on doing aerobics, but the results are not ideal. A few months ago, Xiaojuan learned that she could perform a stomach reduction operation to lose weight, and asked about the hospitals that could perform the operation. Zhengda First Affiliated Hospital s minimally invasive surgery center accepted Xiaojuan s request. According to reports, this operation has been carried out in the West for many years, and it is rarely performed in China.

  The doctor sutured part of Xiao Juan s stomach wall together, her stomach was divided into a large one and a small two. The doctor controlled the area of ​​the small stomach at the entrance of the esophagus to about 1/8 of the original area, leaving 7/8 The big stomach basically no longer accepts food. After the food enters, it first enters the small stomach above it. Once the food is full of the small stomach, there will be a feeling of fullness, and Xiao Juan s meal will be much smaller in the future. If Xiaojuan wants to gain weight in the future, she can also remove the suture to restore the original stomach size.

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