Obese women have low pregnancy success rates

Experts point out that for obese people, the first problem in getting pregnant is scientific weight loss. After successful weight loss, the successful pregnancy rate of such patients will greatly increase.

Normal women have more subcutaneous fat than men, especially in breasts, abdomen, buttocks, etc., which also forms women s body beauty. But abnormal obesity not only makes women lose their physical beauty, but also may lead to metabolic disorders and menstrual disorders, etc. Some of them will be infertile.

Canadian surgical experts said that obese people who have been obese from the early stage of development (or early childhood), most of them have uterine dysplasia, ovarian dysfunction, and even genital hypoplasia with amenorrhea, secondary sexual characteristics do not appear, it is difficult for such patients Fertility.

Although infertility is caused by a variety of complex factors, infertility caused by obesity has become more common abroad and is on the rise. So for obese people, the first problem is scientific weight loss.

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