On the day of autumn, the autumn is dry and the Cordyceps is flat

After experiencing Fuxia, entering the autumn season, the climate of the autumn is changing from the hot to the cool handover solar terms, and it is also the period when the human body gradually changes from yang to yin. Therefore, people should choose a flat tonic that is not dry and greasy. Cordyceps sinensis can regulate the human body s immunity, respiratory system, liver and lung functions to achieve the effect of health in autumn.

Spring is sleepy and autumn is scarce is a familiar word. In the fall, the human body often feels tired and lazy. If you don t pay attention to maintenance, it will increase people s physical burden in winter. Cordyceps sinensis can effectively improve human immunity. Modern science shows that Cordyceps sinensis contains mainly cordycepin, cordycepin, adenosine and polysaccharides. Cordycepin can inhibit the growth of streptococcus, bacillus anthracis, and anthrax, and is an anti-cancer active substance. It has a good regulatory effect on the human endocrine system and nervous system; Cordyceps fungi can stimulate B lymphocytes and antibodies The production of polysaccharides can enhance the immune function of the body; Cordyceps polysaccharide is an immune modulator, which can enhance the body s resistance to viruses and parasites . At the beginning of autumn, Cordyceps sinensis can effectively regulate the body s immunity, improve physical fitness, and help you stay healthy.

After the fall, the weather gradually cools down, morning and evening temperatures are low, and the metabolism of the human body declines. If you do not pay attention to the coldness of the human body, it will cause a cold and cough. In severe cases, respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, pneumonia and asthma will occur. Therefore, pay attention to regulating the respiratory system to prevent physical discomfort. Cordyceps sinensis can dilate the bronchi, asthma, expectorant, and prevent the occurrence of emphysema. Modern pharmacology has shown that Cordyceps sinensis has a significant dilating effect on the bronchus. Dilation of the bronchus will undoubtedly reduce the resistance of the respiratory tract and relieve symptoms such as dyspnea. Cordyceps sinensis is effective in treating chronic respiratory discomfort in the elderly with lung deficiency, kidney deficiency , or both lung and kidney deficiency. Cordyceps also has anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antiviral effects. There fore, when the respiratory system is infected with bacteria and inflammation occurs, Cordyceps can inhibit the growth of bacteria and eliminate inflammation, thereby effectively alleviating chronic bronchitis and bronchitis. At the beginning of autumn, Cordyceps sinensis can effectively regulate the respiratory system and prevent respiratory diseases.

Liqiu Qiqi dryness, easy injury fluid, Pingbu is appropriate to nourish the liver and lungs. According to research, Cordycepin and Cordyceps Polysaccharide can enhance the phagocytosis of liver cells. Cordyceps, SOD, and Vitamin E can all anti-fibrosis of liver tissue, resist lipid peroxidation, and enhance the immune function of Cordyceps to detoxify liver Enhanced, which can effectively protect liver cells. According to the Pharmacopoeia of the People s Republic of China: Cordyceps sinensis supplements the lungs and nourishes the kidney, stops bleeding and reduces phlegm. It is used for chronic cough deficiency, asthma, labor cough and blood cough, impotence nocturnal emission, and sore waist and knees. It can be seen that Cordyceps sinensis can nourish lung Qi Clearing the lungs and moisturizing the lungs can promote and accelerate the metabolism of lung cells, repair damaged lung cell tissues, generate new lung cell tissues, and restore bronchial tension and vital capacity, which can effectively repair lung damage. Cordyceps sinensis can protect the liver and lungs, and it can be used as your tonic during the beginning of autumn.

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