Pay attention to three points to lose weight

Adolescence is a key period of growth, and it is necessary to supplement a variety of nutrients and energy, and for the special characteristics of girls in this period, it is often easy to cause excessive nutrition and early obesity. The following three key points need to be grasped in this period when comprehensive nutritional supplementation does not cause obesity.

Features: Adolescence is in a transitional period of life psychology, and it is also a key period of human character stereotypes. In this period, the child s psychology becomes more complicated. German child psychologist Charlotte? Müller called this period the negative resistance period. This tendency of resistance will involve family members, friends, teachers, etc., which will lead to tension in interpersonal relationships and will increase the child s psychological burden.

For girls, first of all, physiological changes caused by hormones, such as changes in physical appearance and the onset of menstruation, have brought self-perception. Coupled with the huge influence of pop culture on adolescent girls, it is easy for them to have emotional and extreme countermeasures against weight gain. The awakening of the desire for attention of the opposite sex and the gradual maturity of the body have also left many developing girls overwhelmed. In addition, due to the difference in the development of gender intelligence, girls in this period no longer have obvious advantages in learning, and even show weakness. These changes have put some pressure on women in this period.

Countermeasure: Adolescence is the key period for character and healthy body formation. In terms of weight, children should be made aware of the inevitability of natural physiological changes and not worry about gaining weight. Regarding the psychological fluctuations of children in terms of weight, do not simply think that it is only caused by changes in numbers. It may be accompanied by hidden problems of self-confidence and sexual intercourse. As a child, you should learn to relieve stress through active ways such as sports and extensive social interaction, communicate more with family and friends, and build a good interpersonal relationship.

Features: After entering puberty, the body develops quickly, showing obvious secondary sexual characteristics, such as significant increase in height and weight, female breasts develop, and the body is gradually full.

It should be noted that the increase in body weight during this period includes not only the increase in the volume of fat cells, but also the increase in the number of fat cells caused by the continued division of cells. And these increased fat cells will no longer disappear. Therefore, weight management during this period has a direct impact on future weight.

Countermeasures: We need to properly treat weight gain during adolescence. As long as the body mass index is within the allowed range, it is healthy, which is also a normal physiological characteristic. On the other hand, it is necessary to balance the diet, exercise reasonably, and control the weight appropriately. But do not lose weight blindly, such as not eating staple foods, eating only vegetables and fruits, or using other weight loss methods that are harmful to the body, that will definitely affect normal development.

Features: In terms of diet, as it is in the growth and development stage, it has a strong appetite, and especially likes snacking. After the class, a few girls gather together and buy some snacks, which is undoubtedly one of the biggest fun for them after class. In order to alleviate the pressure in various aspects, food is often the object of their release, and overeating is also a common occurrence. Many people, especially girls, are often awkward to watch TV with their parents at this age . Watching TV and snacking are also part of their enjoyment.

In terms of sports, girls enter puberty, and girls obviously prefer to be quiet. At this time, changes in weight, body shape, and menstrual cramps make them less active. The playground is moving. Countermeasures: The usual snacks, such as sunflower seeds, peanuts, and potato chips, should also be moderated, even if not for future body considerations, from the immediate perspective, gaining weight is not what everyone wants to see. Snacks can be replaced with fruits, which not only meets the needs of the mouth, but the fruits are rich in vitamins, and the benefits to the body are also well known. At the same time, eat less fatty foods, eat more foods rich in high-quality protein, vitamins and minerals, such as fish, poultry, eggs, milk, soy products, vegetables, fruits and so on. Balanced nutrition to ensure healthy development.

Everyone knows the benefits of sports, but few people can stick to regular exercise and stick to a sport for a long time. Most of the women in this stage are in school and have good sports conditions. They can use the school s physical education class or other extra-curricular activities to do some physical exercises and develop one or more sports skills. This will benefit you throughout your life.

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