Precautions for weight loss and liposuction need to be treated carefully

Weight loss and liposuction are a topic that people pay special attention to, mainly because there are more people who want to lose weight in modern times, so they will adopt the method of weight loss and liposuction. However, everyone should pay attention to the precautions for weight loss and liposuction. The following is to invite our experts to explain to you what are the relevant content of weight loss and liposuction precautions.

1. Pay attention to liposuction for body sculpting, it is common to lose weight. Some friends questioned the doctor about the fact that the weight did not change after the operation. They don t know that fat cells are like sponges, they are very light, and common sense is oil is lighter than water. It doesn t weigh much to suck 1-2 kiloml of fat locally. If the whole body loses weight and absorbs fat, and the amount is large, the weight will drop .

2. Pay attention to diet and exercise. Although liposuction reduces the number of fat cells, it is more difficult to rebound than ordinary weight loss, but fat cells are the most “elastic” cells in the human body. It can increase and shrink up to 9000 times! If you have a bad diet, you can overeating Overeating and not paying attention to exercise may also make the bloated state reappear.

3. Weight loss and liposuction should pay attention to wear plastic clothes, 3-6 months to make the body more stingy. After liposuction, pressure bandaging is required to stop bleeding. Then you have to put on the stretch shaper already prepared for you. Its effect is not only to continue to stop bleeding, but also to fix the remaining fat so that it does not flow, and to help the skin retract and become elastic. After a while, your beauty curve is basically fixed.

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