Precautions for weight loss drugs

To know that any drug may have side effects, it is necessary to strictly grasp the indications of the drug, take it under the guidance of a doctor, and do not make arbitrary claims, and take the drug casually. And in the process of taking medicine, you should find a doctor to check your physical condition regularly to monitor the occurrence of side effects of the medicine.

As the saying goes, you cant eat a fat with a meal, then in turn, you cant eat a few pills into a thin person. Only by taking the medicine for a long time can you have a significant effect . However, we should not rely solely on drugs to lose weight. Instead, we should integrate dieting, exercise, psychology and other treatments, and we should fundamentally change the lifestyle that causes obesity, such as paying attention to nutritional balance, reducing long- term meditation, and increasing regularity. Sports and more. Only in this way can we not lose weight again after we stop taking medicine.

Finally, it is possible to take two drugs at the same time. Some studies have shown that when taking dexfenfluramine and phenantamine simultaneously, each drug is only used in half of the maximum amount, which can achieve the weight loss effect of using one of them to the maximum dose, but the side effects are significantly reduced. Therefore, there is a certain benefit to combining drugs. However, there are not many reports in this area, and they don t know enough about the possible problems, so they must be applied under the guidance of a doctor.

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