Prickly ash feet puzzle

When he was over 80 years old, and still full of black hair, he was full of mentality. When talking about his health secrets, he mentioned the simple and cost-effective tonic method of “soaking my feet with peppercorns every night”.

As the saying goes: Hot feet in hot water is better than tonic. Lu Lao s feet soak more water in the water than the average person. This is pepper. Lu Lao believes that soaking feet with peppercorn water is better than soaking feet with hot water to promote sleep. In fact, the method is very simple. Wrap 50 grams of peppercorns in a cotton cloth, fasten it with a rope, and boil it with water. The peppercorn bag can be used repeatedly, and it can be replaced with a new one in about a week.

In traditional Chinese medicine, peppercorns can relieve pain, relieve dampness and dispel cold. Soaking feet with peppercorn water and feet with angelica and safflower have the same effect. They can activate blood circulation, make the whole body blood flow unblocked, and the body is warm and fused. In addition, Zanthoxylum is a natural disinfectant, soaking feet with Zanthoxylum can also help treat athlete s foot.

The benefits of soaking your feet every day are more than that. It is clinically found that children who love coughing, high blood pressure in middle-aged and elderly people, and sticking to their feet have certain benefits. Traditional Chinese medicine talks about treating the disease and treating the disease. Foot bathing can promote blood circulation and enhance the barrier function of the respiratory system. Therefore, it can help relieve cough symptoms and reduce the occurrence of colds. When you soak your feet, blood can be moved from top to bottom, so blood pressure is also easy to stabilize.

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