Quickly lose weight in four steps

If you want to make your face an inch smaller, there are indeed ways to improve it quickly and fight for a long time. The injection cosmetology that has been popular in Europe for a long time, that is, the micro-surgery that is well known to the general public, can see the effect in a short time, and there is no problem of postoperative care. In the past when medicine was not so advanced, liposuction would still be taken to the face, but nowadays, Few people will receive invasive treatment on the face, so it is gradually replaced by injection beauty.

In the past, for hypertrophy of the facial muscles, the doctor would apply botox to make the hypertrophic muscles produce a hypnotic effect, but the cause of the large face does not need to be hardly divided into fat or muscular hypertrophy, because most people have two reasons Therefore, the micro plastic surgery combined with lipolytic needle and botulinum injection came into being, and the effect can be seen about 3-4 days after the application.

As for external force exercises and massage methods, Zhong Yicheng said that although these methods are not immediately visible and require a long period of patience, they use a variety of methods, plus not overeating, and controlling their body, which can be faster A round face dream.

When you go home every day after washing your face and applying care products (it is better to use the ingredients with fiber effect), with the following massage techniques, you can promote blood circulation and improve the problems caused by abnormal work schedule, excessive stress and improper diet. Swollen face!

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