Quickly lose your beer belly

1. Rope skipping belly: Coordinated up-and-down jumping movement can make the abdominal muscles fully stretched. Persist for 5 minutes every day, and there is no trace of abdominal fat.

2. Eat apples to lose belly: As early as several years ago, some people tailored a slimming plan for apples. It also caused an upsurge in apple weight loss! In fact, apples are indeed a slimming fruit. It It is rich in pectin , which can help accelerate detoxification and reduce heat absorption. In addition, apples have more potassium, which can prevent leg edema. Slowly chewing an apple that is a bit firm, releasing the ingredients, not only has a feeling of satiety, but also its calories are not high.

3. Massage to reduce belly: Sitting position, with left hand on hips (thumb in front, four fingers in back), rub right hand from the stomach to the lower left, and return to the stomach through the lower abdomen and right abdomen as a total of 36 times. Then, massage with your right hand on your hips and your left hand 36 times. Naturally relax during massage, moderate in severity, and should not be performed when you are full, hungry, extremely tired or emotionally unstable.

4, small movements to reduce the belly: shake the hula hoop or do sit-ups at any time, stretch lazy waist, can gradually eliminate abdominal fat, and make the abdominal muscles increasingly strong and difficult to accumulate fat.

5. Vigorous aerobic exercise: If time permits, you can go to the fitness club to work out during off hours or on Saturday and Sunday, because there are professionals in the club to help you exercise properly; you can also go to the playground to run, play basketball, Table tennis and badminton, etc. These exercises can consume a lot of excess fat in the body and are best for weight loss. It is important to pay attention to drinking plenty of water during exercise to ensure sufficient water in the body.

Losing weight is not only for your good body, but also for your own health. Through the above five tips, I hope to help male friends lose their general belly.

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