Relieve menstrual diarrhea

Faced with menstruation once a month, women not only have symptoms such as distress, chest tightness, abdominal pain, nausea, but also some people have been running to the toilet due to diarrhea. Chinese medicine practitioners say that menstrual diarrhea is related to weak spleen and stomach function. Symptoms will usually be relieved as the period ends. If female friends feel uncomfortable with diarrhea every physiological period, they may wish to do more acupressure to enhance spleen and stomach function. Qi and blood circulation and metabolism of water can alleviate menstrual diarrhea.

Females often experience increased stool frequency, soft stools or diarrhea during menstruation, which are mainly related to spleen, kidney and liver dysfunction. Chinese medicine practitioners said that during menstruation, women s blood and qi run down and concentrated in the uterus, which not only easily causes uncomfortable symptoms such as colds and dizziness, but also worsens blood circulation and affects gastrointestinal function. The body s water cannot pass smoothly through the spleen, kidneys and liver. Regulation and metabolism, causing moisture accumulation in the body and diarrhea.

If you eat cold foods such as ice products, watermelons, fruits and fruits before or during menstruation, the cold will easily condense the uterus, and it will also hurt gastrointestinal function, causing diarrhea and dysmenorrhea.

In addition, traditional Chinese medicine believes that “the liver and the spleen soil”, if the pressure is high, there is a lot of thought, emotional depression, and autonomic nervous disorders, the liver can not be unblocked, it will also affect the spleen function and cause symptoms of menstrual diarrhea.

Dr. Wu Zhonghua said that to improve menstrual diarrhea, the spleen and dampness can be used to regulate physical constitution, and medicinal diet such as Sishen Decoction and Sijunzi Decoction can be often taken, or acupoint massage can be used to achieve health effects.

Zusanli Point: Stomach Meridian can improve gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhea and constipation. Located 3 inches below the depression on the outside of the lower edge of the knee.

Sanyinjiao: It is the point where the three meridians of the spleen, liver, and kidney meet. It is located 3 inches above the tip of the inner ankle of the calf and behind the medial edge of the tibia. It can promote blood circulation and relieve menstrual pain and diarrhea.

Taibai acupoint: It belongs to the main point of strengthening the spleen, located at the medial edge of the foot, and the red and white interstitial depression below the first metatarsal joint, which can alleviate stomach pain, abdominal distension and diarrhea.

As for the menstrual diarrhea caused by some female factors endometriosis, Chinese medicine believes that stasis caused by qi and blood not following the original channel and phlegm in the body. Drug conditioning is based on the principles of promoting blood circulation and removing stasis and dampness. You can massage the above Sanyinjiao, Taichong and Gongsun points to improve the symptoms of diarrhea.

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