Six diseases that obesity can bring

Due to the improvement of modern living standards and the awakening of people s health consciousness, most people have begun to pay attention to self-care. People are actively adjusting whether they are living habits or diet. Of course, this is mainly a group of middle-aged and elderly people. Young people, because of work or communication reasons, and the disease seems to be far away, so they do not use science to maintain their health. On the contrary, they eat and drink at sea, everything is comfortable, and obesity becomes inevitable.

As the saying goes, It s hard to buy a lot of money to grow old and thin. However, looking back at the people around us, obesity has already become younger, and even many children are overweight at birth. This is related to heredity or the mother s excessive nutritional intake during pregnancy. At the same time, it also shows that people s living standards have improved, the nutrients they have taken in have been enriched, and their weight has also kept up.

From a global perspective, the proportion of obesity has accounted for about 10%, and it is still growing; as far as China is concerned, the proportion of obesity among adults has risen to 38.5%. This number is very large. Some experts predict that at 21 In the century, China s obese population will reach half of the total population. Among all preventable lethal factors, death from chronic diseases caused by obesity has become the second killer after smoking, and it is likely to leap first in decades .

We cannot say that obesity directly causes cancer, but many cancers are definitely closely related to obesity. Research shows that for every 10 pounds of weight gain, the risk of cancers such as uterine, kidney, cervical, thyroid, lymph, and gallbladder cancers increases significantly. Take the United Kingdom as an example. Every year the United Kingdom increases nearly 4,000 cancer patients due to obesity.

Cardio-cerebral vascular disease is a chronic disease with a very high disability and mortality rate. If you can pay attention to nursing and control the disease, you can still have a long life; but once the disease is not controlled well, it will start again. It is almost impossible to restore the original level of health. Studies have shown that 30% of people who are overweight will develop hypertension, and the majority have high blood lipids. These two factors are the direct causes of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

We all know that people with diabetes should not eat more sugar-containing foods, because sugars will be converted into fat in the body. In other words, in the final analysis, what diabetic people want to control is actually fat. Some data show that people with normal weight are extremely unlikely to have diabetes, only 0.7%; while moderately obese, the probability of developing diabetes will increase 4 times; severely obese people will increase the risk of diabetes 30 times As much as possible.

Many people snoring when they sleep, which is largely related to obesity. With a lot of fat in the neck, the airways become narrower, making breathing harder. During the day, obese people will breathe and sweat with a little activity; when they go to sleep at night, they will easily burp. Not only will they make their families sleep poorly, but they may also produce apnea syndrome, which is very dangerous. If you don t wake up in time or are found by your family, you will probably die.

When the body is obese, the internal organs will also accumulate too much fat, such as the liver. Severe fatty liver can cause liver cirrhosis, which is difficult to recover, and can also cause myocardial infarction and atherosclerosis. Studies have shown that nearly half of patients with fatty liver are also accompanied by cholecystitis, which weakens the detoxification function. The harm to the body is chronic and the consequences are quite serious, it must be prevented as soon as possible.

When a person is overweight, it will cause a burden on both bones and joints, and it is easy to cause osteoarthritis or muscle strain. Don t underestimate arthritis, it will greatly reduce people s ability to move, which will make obesity worse. In other words, a vicious circle may form.

Women s endocrine is very complicated, mainly related to estrogen and progesterone in the body. But if a woman is too obese, estrogen in the body will increase, which can reach several times that of normal women, making pregnancy difficult. In addition, obesity can also bring psychological problems to women, cause psychological problems such as inferiority and depression, make endocrine disorders more difficult, and pregnancy will be more difficult.

Although obesity is a very common body type, some people may be inherited from the family, and some people may be associated with less exercise. No matter what causes obesity, you should actively lose weight and control your weight. Otherwise, it will not only cause trouble to your life, but also bring various health risks to your body. Of course, we must pay attention to weight loss methods. We cannot blindly diet or take medicine to prevent more harm to the body. To lose weight scientifically is to eat less and move more. It is simple to say. It does take perseverance to do it for a long time. But for the sake of your health, make up your mind and act quickly.

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