Six ways to prevent forgetfulness in the elderly

In order to avoid the occurrence of Alzheimer s in their parents, insist that they do some arithmetic problems … Alzheimer s can be prevented, and the elderly can also be prevented from forgetfulness. Elderly people use their brains more often in daily life, which can avoid the occurrence of forgetfulness. Let s take a look at the coups to prevent elderly forgetfulness:

1. Remember names by association. Meaningful associations can help enhance memory. Experts say that many old people always find names difficult to remember. In fact, some names are reminiscent of specific images, and some names can be associatively remembered through homonyms. For example , House (house), White (white), etc.

2, repeatedly remember the name. When talking to others, repeating their names in time helps memorize. You can also tell each other that this name reminds you of an acquaintance. If the name is too complicated or you are not familiar with it, ask the person to write their name. Repeat the name of each other when you break up, so that the memory is more reliable.

3. Facial features help memorize. By glancing at each other s faces, you can find a feature that is easy to remember. For example, small noses, large ears, deep wrinkles, and special hairstyles are all prominent features. In general, the first characteristic you find is often the clues you think of this person in the future.

4, talking about memory while doing. Have you taken any medicine today? Have you locked the door? Many elderly people are often distressed because they cannot remember whether they have completed these daily activities. When the old man is doing these things, he can say it aloud while doing it. For example, I took medicine today, I m locking the door , and so on.

5. Divide and classify the numbers. Remembering numbers is indeed a challenge for the elderly. If you want to remember the four numbers 3, 8, 2, 7, the effect of a single note is far worse than that of 38 , 27 group memory. This digital group memory method is also very useful for memorizing mobile phone numbers.

6, often eat Yi brain food. Heart-friendly foods are also good for the brain. Nuts, whole grain foods, blueberries and deep-sea fat fish, broccoli and other foods are good for brain health and enhance the memory of the elderly.

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