Smooth skin for pore-free skin

Large pores are a problem that many MMs hate. Thick pores make the skin look rough and dull, and horny and oily deposits form blackheads. Especially in hot weather, sunlight, keratin and oil can make pores more visible. I will teach you three steps to get rid of the big pores and restore your skin.

Pores usually appear on the forehead, nose wings, mouth corners, and cheeks on both sides of the nose. These areas have a strong secretion of oil. If the old and dead keratin is not cleaned in time, it will block and expand the pores . Oil, keratin and external dirt will form horn plugs. It becomes blackheads.

For pores, we must first clean the skin, exfoliate regularly, and choose mild exfoliating products made of plant ingredients to minimize the damage to the surface layer of the skin during exfoliation, so that the skin s keratin is arranged neatly to achieve the purpose of shrinking pores.

Oil from the skin will consume energy and water, while blindly absorbing oil and controlling oil will cause imbalance of water and oil secretion from the skin, a vicious cycle of oil production, and larger pores.

Improve Large pores fundamentally, hydration is a key link. Through hydration, the skin can restore the normal water-oil ratio, thereby helping the skin return to healthy texture. When the skin is hydrated, the cells will become plump and shiny, and the pores will shrink.

Skin aging can make pores larger, because subcutaneous fat and skin are loosened, and the pores on the sides of the nose will appear like oval teardrop-shaped pores. For large pores caused by relaxation and aging, the solution is to strengthen skin firmness and rebuild the knot tissue of the dermis, while maintaining the elasticity of the hair follicle wall, so that the pores can restore the compact appearance of young skin.

What if I dont have time to do the three steps above? Many office workers have such troubles, the skin becomes dark yellow, dry, rough, and often too busy to take good care of the skin. Seeing that my skin is getting worse every day, but I dont have much time to care, sometimes I often hear people say that you can do photon rejuvenation, but do you know what is photon rejuvenation?

Photon skin rejuvenation is a non-surgical physical therapy with high safety. Furthermore, photon skin rejuvenation uses a specific broad-spectrum series of light. The doctor will adjust the parameters and energy settings according to the skin condition of the beauty seeker, and choose the appropriate energy directly. Irradiated on the surface of the skin, it can penetrate deep into the skin, act on the subcutaneous pigments or blood vessels, break down the stains, remove various flaws on the skin, and at the same time, photons can stimulate the proliferation of subcutaneous collagen, making the skin younger, Healthy and shiny.

Photon skin rejuvenation is a non-surgical treatment method. It has a high degree of directionality, high density and continuity. You must choose a regular hospital and an experienced doctor for operation, so that the safety and effect are also guaranteed.

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