Some ways to quickly relieve eye fatigue

Student class, office worker, need to stare at blackboard or computer intently, so they are particularly prone to eye fatigue. So how to quickly relieve eye fatigue can be done by heating the eyes. After class or return home from work, pay special attention to the relaxation of the eyes. You can do a set of eye exercises. You can use eye cream massage to relieve eye fatigue when performing eye care.

Heat your eyes: Rub your hands quickly until your palms become hot. Then, close your eyes, hold your palms against your eyes, dont press hard, just press tight, and take a deep breath at the same time several times to effectively relieve eye fatigue.

There is another point, especially pay attention, when the eyes are tired and dry, do not rub the eyes directly with your hands! Because the eyes are already tired at this time, its defense line is very fragile, if you use force, it will easily hurt your eyes.

Back to When you get home from work, you should relax your eyes. Eye exercises are a good choice to relieve eye fatigue. In addition, you can also take eye massage, eye mask and other methods to more effectively relieve eye fatigue.

Eye is the window of the soul. Taking good care of your eyes will make you more energetic. Therefore, if you feel tired, you should temporarily stop working to relieve eye fatigue.

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