Spring health diet

As the saying goes, The measure of the year lies in spring. Spring is a very important season. For people, spring is a season for stretching feelings and inspiring emotions. For the human body, after a winter hiding, Accumulated a winter of energy, in the spring you need to release hair.

Spring itself is the season of rising hair, and the Yang Qi should rise from the Tibetan state of winter as soon as possible, and enter a new round of growth, growth, collection, and possession. Winter is the season of hidden energy, so now the spring solar term has begun, and the rise of energy has also begun.

It can be said that after the beginning of spring, in addition to maintaining the body, there is also the prevention of recurrence of the disease. What kind of health should be done after the specific spring? Regarding the human body, health is nothing more than several aspects, eating, wearing, and living, and of course, health care.

Qi Lichun s diet should be based on rising hair , and you can eat more sweet and flat foods, such as yam, spring bamboo shoots, pea sprouts, and chives. In particular, yam has a flat and sweet taste and is not dry or greasy. It can strengthen the spleen and stomach, help digestion, tonify qi, and nourish lungs and cough.

The windy spring is also the eventful spring of the lung, which is likely to cause various diseases of the respiratory system. At this time, more yam, soup, stew, etc., which can benefit the lungs and kidneys, are very effective in preventing these diseases. Great help. And when the solar terms are altered, the spleen and stomach generally need special protection. At this time, it is appropriate to eat more foods that strengthen the spleen and stomach, such as yam, which is beneficial to the body without harm.

I remember a friend, the whole workaholic, except for work, usually carelessly, life chores are hardly taken into account, and in the early spring, he started to have a cough and diarrhea (diarrhea). This happened every year and affected her work , so she called me for help. I told her that in the early spring, she was susceptible to respiratory diseases, and your diet was not good, which hurt the spleen and stomach, and the lungs and the large intestine look like each other , so that a vicious circle naturally formed.

I told her to pay attention to her diet. Dont eat food that is too cold, hard, or irritating. You can eat yam appropriately, stew soup, porridge, or stir-fry.; You can also use Codonopsis, Astragalus , Huang Jing stew soup, porridge, etc.; Even Lily porridge, boil, etc. After a period of time, my friends rushed to call me without asking, obviously the problem was solved.

In addition, there is a saying that in the spring, the taste should be reduced by acid and sweet, so as to nourish the temper. To put it simply, in the spring, the liver is strong, so eat less acidic foods , so as not to make the liver fire strong and hurt the spleen and stomach. When it comes to nourishing the liver, naturally we can t forget wolfberry and chrysanthemum. You can use red dates and wolfberry tea, you can use dried hawthorn slices and chrysanthemum tea, add a few drops of honey, the effect and taste is better.

Liver opens the eyes so in addition to drinking wolfberry tea and chrysanthemum tea, you can use tea water to wash your eyes, especially for white-collar workers who have been sitting in front of the computer for a long time. After brewing tea during the day, you can use the rising heat to smoke the eyes, and then Drink tea. After watching the computer for a day at night, you can also directly wash the eyes with chrysanthemum water after fumigating the eyes. You can also eat black fungus, black beans, tomatoes, green beans, etc., which will help the liver. Of course, the food is still the best for the human body.

Spring is a season when the disease is prone to relapse, especially skin diseases, infections, and infectious diseases. Foods such as coriander and toon are easy to cause diseases. Eat as little or as little as possible in the spring.

Of course, diet should be different from person to person, not to say that all people should eat more yam, more Huangjing, drink more chrysanthemum tea in the spring, it is best to adjust according to their physical fitness. It is not to say that in addition to the above foods, others cannot be eaten. The foods mentioned above are foods that should be eaten appropriately according to the natural reaction of the human body, yin and yang, four o clock, etc., but the individual should be adjusted according to their own physical conditions. The so-called trial by reason and provide by person are the principles.

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