Spring keep health

On the occasion of spring back to the earth, the old Chinese medicine reminded that the principle of nourishing the liver and protecting the yang should be paid attention to in the spring. Spring has the characteristics of yang and hair, and the human body is also qi and blood. Among them, the liver belongs to wood, which grows in spring, so nourishing the liver can protect yang.

In the spring season, the main physiological changes of the human body are as follows: first, qi and blood activities are strengthened, and metabolism is beginning to flourish; second, the functions of liver-maintaining blood and liver-maintenance are gradually strengthened, and people s mental activities also become active. Therefore, in the beginning of spring, nourishment must nourish the liver.

The ancients had a saying, If you are full, you will lose, but if you are short, you will lose. Just like the leaves fall and fall in autumn and winter, they collect nutrients, and germinate in spring. The body has to start releasing energy. And the role of the liver in the five internal organs is just the main drain and release, so the principle of nourishing the liver in spring is the general principle.

Spring health is the first advocate of late to bed and early to rise. Experts believe that in early spring sleep should follow the principle of late to bed and early to get up with the day. How to go to bed late and get up early? Experts believe that even if you go to bed late, you have to go to bed before 11:00 pm. In the morning, you can get up earlier than winter, take a walk outdoors and relax. In the spring, it is best to open the window to ventilate the indoor air.

Features The climate in spring is dominated by the wind. In early spring, it is mainly caused by wind and cold, and after late spring, it is caused by wind and evil. Therefore, in the spring, all are caused by wind evil.

The Yellow Emperor s Canon said: The wind is the beginning of every disease. Because other kinds of evil qi invade the human body by means of wind qi, such as cold evil, hot evil, wet evil and so on . Especially in the solar term of Lichun, wind evil can enter the human body by invading the body s surface to open the pores, and it will especially attack the parts of the human body where yang is gathered, such as the back, head , and upper limbs. If the wind runs to the surface of the human body, it will cause urticaria, rash, itching and other problems. Running to the head will cause headaches and drowsiness all day. Running to the joint will cause joint pain. It can cause muscle aches and so on. Therefore, many citizens feel heavy legs and weakness in spring, which is why.

In the early spring season, especially when it is warm and cold, pay special attention to spring and autumn, it is best not to reduce clothing prematurely, you should still pay attention to keep warm and windproof. Spring cover must pay special attention to keeping the head, feet, neck, and hands warm, otherwise it will easily reduce the body s immunity and cause disease invasion. Generally speaking, 15 degrees Celsius is a critical value. Below this temperature, it is best to continue to bear the inconvenience caused by heavy clothing; and when it exceeds this temperature, you can consider taking off your clothes. If you dont feel hot or sweaty when you cover your body, you dont need to rush to undress even if the temperature is slightly higher than 15 degrees Celsius; Sweating, in case of being repeatedly blown by cold wind, it is easy to catch cold.

The temperature difference between day and night is also one of the criteria for judging whether to cover or not. In early spring, you should pay more attention to the weather forecast, understand the temperature changes a day or two in advance, and add or remove clothing appropriately. This can largely protect the body from the irritation of cold air, thereby reducing the incidence of disease. Especially when the weather forecast predicts that the temperature difference between day and night exceeds 7-10 degrees Celsius, it s time to guard against cold.

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