Spring season Beware of Asthma Allergies

The first spring season is a period of high incidence of asthma. The reason is that in addition to the large climate change in early spring, which is likely to cause upper respiratory tract infections or trachea spasm, and induce asthma, it is mainly related to pollen, dust mites and other allergens. Therefore, individuals, especially those with allergies, should consciously stay away from these allergens at this time, and beware of asthma attacks.

It is a good time for spring to bloom in spring, but those who are allergic to pollen and plants and asthma patients should avoid going to the garden and botanical garden. If you are in a place with a high concentration of pollen, you should wear a mask. At the same time, the personal room should be kept warm, dry and clean, pay attention to ventilation and light, bedding and clothing should be washed with hot water and sundried. It is best not to use carpets, blankets and other items that are conducive to dust mite parasites. Avoid using wool and feather products., Reduce dust mites and mold breeding, so as not to induce asthma.

Since Spring is when the liver is hyperactive, the mood is irritable. Therefore, every year after the beginning of spring, there will be a sudden increase in patients with mental illnesses, and most of the patients are anxiety, mania and other diseases. This is mainly related to the changes in the weather. The low air pressure in the early spring can easily cause hormonal disorders in the human brain. Coupled with the changing weather, it often makes people s emotions fluctuate faster, making the body s cognition, emotions, behaviors, and will appear. abnormal.

In order to prevent agitation, in addition to avoiding excessive fatigue and ensuring adequate sleep time, individuals should pay special attention to mental health care. They should communicate more with friends, increase their contact with nature, improve their mental capacity, and maintain a good attitude of peace. It is normal for people to experience emotional fluctuations, but they need to know how to adjust in time. When they find that their mood is abnormal, they can transfer the bad emotions in time by listening to music or participating in sports activities.

In addition, in the windy and sunny weather, you might as well go for a walk in the countryside, get fresh air, and adjust your mood. If personal emotions cannot be relieved through self-regulation, seek medical attention in a timely manner.

In the spring, you should increase the amount of exercise. The simplest exercise is to stretch your waist. Everyone knows that when you wake up early in the morning or when you are tired from work, it s uncomfortable to stretch out. In fact , this is a self-care for the human body, especially a conditioned reflex for liver health.

When the human body is sleepy, Qi and blood circulation is slow. At this time, if you stretch your limbs, stretch your waist and abdomen, exert muscles on your whole body, and take a deep breath, it will have the effects of vomiting and replenishing qi, activating blood circulation, unblocking meridian joints, and inspiring the spirit. After stretching, the blood circulation speeds up, and the limbs, muscles and muscles of the whole body get active, and there is no drowsiness. This also stimulates the liver function and allows the liver to exercise, thereby achieving a health effect on the liver.

Stretching has a certain amount of technical content. When stretching, stretch your body as much as possible, stretch your limbs, and force your whole body muscles. Inhale as much as possible while stretching; relax your muscles and exhale as much as possible. Doing this often can increase the elasticity of muscles and ligaments and delay aging.

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