Spring season regimen

As the saying goes, The measure of the year lies in spring. Spring is a very important season. For people, spring is a season for stretching feelings and inspiring emotions. For the human body, after a winter hiding, Accumulated a winter of energy, in the spring you need to release hair.

Spring itself is the season of rising hair, and the Yang Qi should rise from the Tibetan state of winter as soon as possible, and enter a new round of growth, growth, collection, and possession. Winter is the season of hidden energy, so now the spring solar term has begun, and the rise of energy has also begun.

It can be said that after the beginning of spring, in addition to maintaining the body, there is also the prevention of recurrence of the disease. What kind of health should be done after the specific spring? Regarding the human body, health is nothing more than several aspects, eating, wearing, and living, and of course, health care.

What does it mean to record March of Spring, the question of the Yellow Emperor s Internal Classics , March of Spring, which means that Chen is born, the world is born together, all things are glorious, the night lies early and rises in the court . Simply put, spring is the season of rising hair, and the world is naturally full of life, and everything is flourishing. At this time, people should go to bed early in the evening, get up early in the morning, relax their bodies, and take a walk in the courtyard slowly to make the spirit happy and open-minded.

If you violate Spring s natural law, first of all, it will affect the liver, liver mains drainage, liver problems, all kinds of emotions such as easy temper, depression, and these emotions will in turn affect the liver. Originally, the mood is good and the seven emotions are tuned up, which is helpful for the drainage of the liver, and the bad emotions above will affect the drainage of the liver. In this way, the virtuous cycle of the human heart and physiology will enter a vicious cycle, which is naturally harmful to the body. In fact, the above words simply say that after early spring, you should go to bed early and get up early, don t stay up late, don t stay in bed, and exercise properly.

I heard from friends that one of her friends pays attention to health, knowing that she has to go to bed early and get up early in the spring, but when she arrives in the spring, she often wakes up in the middle of the night and cant sleep.. In fact, the reason is very simple. In the spring, both yang and blood are transferred from the inside out. A person s yang energy travels outside during the day and returns to the inside during the night . If the liver blood is full, at night the yang energy will fall dormant and fall asleep easily. At night, you can t sleep at night, or wake up easily when you fall asleep. At about five in the morning, when the lungs are ordered, the blood is refreshed, and people can sleep less. To solve the problem that it is not suitable to fall asleep or to wake up easily in the spring, the key is to nourish the liver and kidneys, while the liver is happy and not dry.

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