Spring Weight Loss for the Elderly: Four Attention Principles

The spring breeze is blowing, and in the square and in the park, many elderly people have started spring exercise again. Moderate exercise does play a role in prolonging your life and pleasing your body and mind, but experts caution that, given special physical conditions , older people should have four attentions when exercising in spring.

First of all, you must pay attention to the amount of exercise and the amplitude of the exercise. The amount of activity in winter is small. Therefore, the exercise that has just entered the spring should focus on recovery and do some activities of body and joints.

Secondly, be careful not to be too early. The air is warm and cold in the early spring, and the temperature is very low in the morning and evening. There are more impurities in the air, which is not suitable for exercise. When the sun comes out, the temperature rises, and the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air decreases. This is the most suitable time.

Third is to pay attention to eating before exercise. The elderly have relatively poor body functions. Appropriately eating some hot milk and oatmeal before exercise can add water, increase calories, accelerate blood circulation, and improve body coordination. But pay attention not to eat too much at one time, and there should be a rest after eating, and then exercise.

Fourth is to keep warm. Spring is cold. The human body gets hot after exercise. At this time, if you do not take warm measures, you will easily get cold. Elderly people with relatively poor physical fitness should pay more attention.

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