Star melon face is the key to losing weight

The skinny melon face is the dream of many women. Everyone wants a small face, that is petite, cute and feminine! People with petite faces look more beautiful on the lens, which may be the pursuit of many stars The cause of melon seeds face . In fact, it is not difficult to want a sunflower seed face, now I will give you a few good ways to lose weight and face, so that you can also experience star-like sunflower seed face.

After washing your face in the morning and evening, gently pat or tap your face with your hands until the cheeks become slightly red. This method can not only promote blood circulation on the face, make the face ruddy, but also achieve the effects of tightening the face and highlighting the contours. This method does not cost money, as long as it is persistent, it is worth trying.

1. Shut up and smile in front of the mirror until the muscles on both cheeks are tired. This action can increase the elasticity of the cheek muscles and maintain the shape of the face. It should be done several times during the day.

2. Open your mouth, slightly sip your lips, and then close your mouth slowly (both lips always bulging), repeat 10 times. This action can improve blood circulation at the tip of the nose and keep the upper lip beautiful.

3, the bigger the eyes open, the better, tighten all the muscles on the face, then relax, repeat 4 times. This action helps to maintain the elasticity of the facial muscles.

1. Put the four fingers besides the thumb close together, place them on the face about the upper and lower molars, draw a circle on the face, and pat 3-5 times from the inside to the outside. Slap on the other side and repeat 5 times. When tapping, the mouth muscles are relaxed, so they will appear slightly open.

2. On the cheeks, use your thumb to press gently from the inside to the outside, and draw a small circle. This action can be done on both cheeks together, about 100-120 times.

You can learn the above method of thin face. Selective weight loss according to your facial features. Realize the wish of a small face from this moment. I believe you will soon be a star face.

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