Stick to five diet habits to keep you alive

What to eat to live longer? Many people are concerned about such topics. Scientific facts prove that eating healthy, scientific, and reasonable is one of the important conditions for increasing longevity. Of course, healthy eating habits can not only promote longevity, but also promote weight loss, relieve constipation, and improve skin color. So how to eat can help longevity? Old Chinese medicine introduces 5 healthy eating habits for you!

Every junk food has the same characteristics: high oil, high salt, heavy taste. If you eat too much junk food, the nutritional balance in your body will easily collapse, and excessive consumption of junk food rich in food additives will easily lead to the death of intestinal bacteria, which will lead to the decline of human immunity.

When many people choose ingredients, in order to obtain a good taste, they prefer to choose polished rice rather than brown rice, and eat only the stems and leaves of vegetables instead of the skin or root.

In fact, this approach often causes people to lose a lot of precious nutrients and cannot achieve longevity by obtaining sufficient nutrition. Because what people think of as cutouts contains many rich nutrients, such as dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals, therefore, don t give up these nutrient substances in your daily diet, and it is best to make full use of ingredients.

The basic principle of longevity diet is to choose the most natural and seasonal ingredients to eat. Selecting seasonal cucumbers and tomatoes in summer can get the effect of clearing fire and hydrating, and choosing ingredients such as burdock and radish in winter can get the effect of warming up and keeping fit …

The seasonal ingredients can bring the most intimate and suitable care to the body. Moreover, choosing seasonal ingredients can also make people eat fresher ingredients and get richer nutrients. Why not?

White granulated sugar is actually an additional daily intake of sugar. If you take too much white granulated sugar, you may cause excessive energy intake and induce various lifestyle habits. Including desserts, beverages, snacks, and many other foods that use white sugar as an ingredient, they should not be consumed often.

Fermented foods such as natto, yogurt, etc., enable people to more efficiently consume nutrients contained in them under the action of microbial fermentation, especially dietary fiber contained in vegetables, which can also help the reproduction of beneficial bacteria in the intestine and adjust the intestinal environment To enhance human immunity. Therefore, eating more fermented foods helps the body live longer.

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