Suffering from air conditioning disease, pay attention to diet

When entering or leaving an air-conditioned room on a hot day, if you accidentally catch a cold, you will become tired and weak, and you should pay special attention to your diet. The following five more and five less are the dietary principles you should pay attention to when suffering from air conditioning disease.

When you have a cold, people s gastrointestinal function becomes worse. The light porridge and soup are relatively easy to digest. At the same time, hot soup and hot porridge can play the role of sweating.

Chicken meat and fish meat contains a variety of amino acids necessary for the human body, and its protein is easy to digest and absorb, which can enhance the body s resistance to cold viruses.

The radish in radish may have a certain effect on preventing colds and alleviating symptoms such as sputum during colds. Recommend a method: chop the radish, squeeze the juice, then mash the ginger, squeeze a small amount of ginger juice, add to the radish juice, mix well and pour into warm water to make a drink.

Scallion onion smells spicy, can resist cold, resist colds, and has a certain bacteriostatic effect; it can also stimulate the secretion of the stomach, intestines and digestive glands, increase appetite and promote digestion.

It contains a variety of biologically active substances, which can stimulate the immune function of the human body. It is taken once a day in the morning and at night, which can enhance the body s immunity and resist virus attack.

Sweets not only increase sputum volume, but also cause abdominal distension and suppress appetite. High-sugar fruits such as mango, grapes, litchi, sugarcane, pineapple, red dates, etc. are not suitable for eating at this time.

Reducing salt intake can increase lysozyme content in saliva, protect oral and throat mucosal epithelial cells, and allow them to secrete more immunoglobulins and interferons to deal with cold viruses. It is better to control salt intake during colds, which is slightly less than usual.

During a cold, people s stomach power is weak, so during this period, try to avoid eating crude fiber foods such as celery, leek, and wormwood, otherwise it will increase the burden on the stomach.

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