The cold is gradually protecting the heart and brain, drink more medlar chrysanthemum tea

The night is no longer a cool night, but a little chill. As the temperature keeps falling, there are more people with colds, and middle-aged and elderly people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should pay special attention to maintaining their bodies.

Recently, the fruits of these two kinds of cold dew can be seen in vegetable markets, supermarkets, and fruit stands. The reporter asked about it, 3 yuan per pound for square persimmon, 6 yuan per pound for persimmon, 7 yuan per pound for crispy persimmon, and 7 hawthorn for hawthorn. For one pound, the price of large fruit shops is relatively affordable.

The persimmon contains various indigestible ingredients such as tannin, pectin, and gum, especially raw persimmons, which contains a lot of tannins. It forms tannic acid under the action of gastric acid, which is particularly likely to cause gastric persimmon stone disease. It can only be treated by surgery.

Speaking of health in this season, old Chinese medicine suggested that you can drink more wolfberry chrysanthemum tea. In ancient times, people would use the new wolfberry bath after the cold dew to do so, which can make people look shiny. If you are in trouble, just make a pot of wine or tea and drink it every day.

After the 11th holiday, there were a lot of patients in the infusion room, most of them were cold and fever patients. These days, the temperature during the day is above 25 degrees, and at night it is obviously low. If you wear a coat, you will still be shaken by the wind. If you only cover a blanket at night, you will not escape the cold.

Dr. Wu reminded everyone that the most obvious thing during this period is the increased incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Recently, a citizen in his 50s suddenly suffered from cerebral hemorrhage. It s cold, so pay special attention if you have high blood pressure or heart disease at home.

Vascular In the summer, blood vessels dilate and blood pressure is better controlled. However, when cold air comes in, blood vessels constrict, which can easily increase blood pressure or affect the supply of blood to the heart. Be especially vigilant for those patients with high or low blood pressure.

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