The culprit for weight loss failure is the devil in the brain

Taste: Another victory for the Devil -Researchers have found that there are both angel and devil areas in the human brain that control willpower.

Can t you always put your hand towards the biscuit box? Or can t help but want to bite when you see the fresh and juicy burger? Now, scientists have found out the culprit that causes this phenomenon, and it exists in our In the brain.

Studies have shown that people with bad eating habits have a devil area in their brains that has greatly damaged their willpower. Researchers have found that there is also an angel area in our brain that inhibits the devil area and prevents us from bowing down to temptation. But for different people, the role of this angel area will be different. For those with weak willpower, the angel often doesn t play any role. These findings can explain why some people are doomed to lose weight, and some people have a hard time quitting smoking anyway.

To uncover the secrets of human self-control, researchers at the California Institute of Technology completed an experiment that showed a group of people who were losing weight 50 pictures of food, including chocolate bars and broccoli, and asked these participants to provide each food Score on how delicious and healthy it is. Researchers then picked a neutral food from each person s choices-foods that participants thought were neither particularly delicious nor particularly healthy. Next, present the remaining pictures of the participants one by one, and ask them to compare the food in the picture with the neutral food just selected to choose the food they want to eat. At the same time, researchers used instruments to monitor the activity of angel and devil areas in the participants brains. The experimental results show that those participants who have a strong self-control signal in their brains can balance their choices of deliciousness and health, and they tend to eat more healthy food. However, those with less powerful angel areas in their brains chose more delicious foods without considering the nutrition and health of the food.

Colin Camerer, a researcher at Caltech said, After centuries of sociological debate, we have finally taken a big step forward in understanding human self-control by directly observing the brain s resistance to temptation. Research, as well as many upcoming studies, will eventually lead us to a more comprehensive theory of self-control, helping us to understand how self-control is formed and how it acts on different kinds of temptations.

A fundamental question in economics, psychology, and even religious studies is why some people have the ability to control themselves while others don t. From a modern neurological perspective, This question becomes how can the neural pathways of the brain produce good behavioral self-control? This experiment answers the above questions in the context of weight loss, and indeed provides an important perspective for research.

The exact name of the angel area of ​​the brain just mentioned should be dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC), and the devil area is called VMPFC (medium prefrontal cortex) (ventromedial prefrontal cortex). Researchers are now hoping to find a way to make the dorsal prefrontal cortex (DLPFC) function properly in the brains of people with less self-control. For example, it may be possible to stimulate the functioning of the angel area by making food look healthier.

Dr. Todd Hare, another researcher at the California Institute of Technology, said: If we stress that ice cream is unhealthy before showing it, it may reduce its appeal and leave a potential impression in the participants minds, thereby Enable them to make better decisions.

OlinColin Camerer added: If we can learn how to control the willpower of the brain and continue to strengthen it through practice, our lives will become better.

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