The elderly must have their own way of walking and fitness

Bai Lian walks first, walking is the world s recognized scientific fitness method, the World Health Organization has long said that the best exercise is walking. We must follow the three five seven principle of scientific walks. Three refers to a 30-minute walk of 3 kilometers. Five means exercise 5 times a week. Seven refers to the heart rate plus age of 170 beats per minute during exercise.

When walking, you must have the correct posture, with your head straight, your eyes flat, and your trunk straight. This posture is conducive to qi and blood running. When walking, move the body s center of gravity forward, exert a little force when exhaling, and naturally when inhaling. The speed of walking should be determined according to the individual s specific conditions. Walking at about 80 meters per minute, the effect of disease prevention and fitness is most obvious.

Those who are frail need to shake off their arms and take long strides. If they walk too slowly, they will not achieve the purpose of strengthening their body. Faster, the free fatty acids in the blood can be burned sufficiently to reduce weight.

People with mild cognitive impairment should walk with their arms back and back, with their hands at the back waist Mingmen acupoints, and then step back 50 steps slowly, then go forward 100 steps, and walk 5 to 10 times.

People with gastrointestinal diseases can use the stomach-abdominal walking method. When walking, rotate both hands to massage the abdomen, walking 30 to 60 steps per minute, and massage each step for one week, alternating clockwise and counterclockwise. Each walking time is 3 to 5 minutes …

Old Chinese medicine reminds warmly: Because everyone s cardiopulmonary function is different, you should speed up or slow down the walking speed according to your body s tolerance when walking. Once you have chest tightness, palpitation, dizziness, etc., you should stop and rest.

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