The old man’s appetite is not good, but it is caused by chronic tooth loss

Many people have this view: The poor appetite of the elderly is caused by the decline in digestive ability of the stomach. In fact, it is not age that increases the burden on the digestive system of the elderly, but missing teeth!

Yesterday, Mr. Wang, the citizen, entered the newspaper s health hotline, hoping to find solutions to the problems of poor appetite and indigestion of old mothers. In response, Dr. Xu Menghui, a guest expert of the newspaper s health hotline and director of Chongqing Chengjia Dental Hospital, said that the old man s poor appetite is because the elderly who lack teeth have not chewed well when eating, so they cause gastrointestinal diseases. The long-term lack of teeth can only solve the elderly s eating problem from the roots only with a healthy mouth.

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