There is a set of psychological methods for weight loss

In addition to taking drugs, controlling diet, and strengthening exercise, you can also correct the improper behavior caused by the abnormal response of obese people through psychological treatment. The behavior, therefore, introduced a set of weight loss psychological exercises, you can try to do it.

How to do it: Obese people can post comics that they have been ridiculed for because of their bloated body, or put photos of their belly on the dining table by the refrigerator, while watching photos while eating.

Reminder: Friends who have seen slimming men and women remember the fat women facing the photos. The hatred of fat is very realistic, and friends cant just “hate” the pictures, but they must also be optimistic to find the best Best way.

Practice: Obese people can use rewards to strengthen their determination to lose weight. There are many ways to reward. One way is to throw a coin into a piggy bank every day you insist on losing weight, rewarding yourself for what you like. But remember , don t award food to your mouth.

Reminder: You can also make a difference and make every progress concrete. For example, for every pound of weight lost, put a pound of sand or something in an empty bag, and often mention that bag to see how heavy it is. This weight is the excess meat on your body.

Principle: For obese people, try to avoid eating alone and eat with family or friends. Among relatives and friends, hire several supervisors who have influence on themselves. In this way, they can control your diet, which will not leave you on an empty stomach or open your belly to eat.

How to do it: Sometimes even though you really lose weight, there are times when you are desperate and can t persist. At this point you should find a person who has the same dilemma, encourage each other, learn from each other and overcome the difficulties.

Principle: Some obese people s image, smell, and even food imagination can cause appetite. For this reason, it is recommended that obese people use other behaviors instead of eating, which may be able to extinguish this response.

Methods: For example, take a brisk walk, drink a glass of water, or insist on not eating until such imagination cannot lead to excessive insulin secretion.

This conscious eating method requires that you must face the food rationally and think soberly during the meal. In the end, you will get rid of the old habit of hungry and eat and become a rational diner, so as to achieve the goal of losing weight …

Dividing method is the method of dividing protein and starch. If you can use this method to eat scientifically, you can easily lose 7 pounds in 1 month!

How to do it: If you often eat in a specific environment, such as snacking while watching TV, over time, you want to eat whenever you watch TV, regardless of hunger or not. According to the characteristics of obese people, only eat in a certain place and a certain time, or eat without watching TV.

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