Three ways to relieve constipation in the elderly

In the winter, the dryness of the sky and the slow metabolism of the human body, coupled with the reduction in outdoor activities, the constipation of the elderly will increase significantly. The occurrence of constipation in the elderly seriously affects the quality of life of the elderly. Excessive defecation in the elderly can cause changes in coronary arteries and cerebral blood flow. Due to decreased cerebral blood flow, fainting can occur during defecation. Coronary arterial insufficiency may cause angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, and hypertension can cause cerebral blood vessels Accidents can also cause aneurysms or ventricular aneurysms to rupture, cardiac mural thrombus shedding, arrhythmias, and even sudden death. Here are some effective ways to relieve constipation for the elderly.

Rub the stomach to promote bowel movements. Rubbing the abdomen every morning, midnight and night, persisting for a week will be effective. Rubbing the stomach is mainly to massage the five points around the human s navel and on the stomach, to promote the contraction of gastrointestinal smooth muscles, and to strengthen intra-abdominal motility. When massaging, you can press your left hand on the abdomen, palms facing the navel, and your right hand stacked on your left hand, rubbing your belly clockwise first, then counterclockwise .

Put Put some olive oil in the dishes. Because many elderly people are hyperglycemic, hyperlipidic, and hypertensive, their diets are relatively light, which is one of the causes of constipation, because the human body also needs oil lubrication. It is recommended that older people add olive oil to their diet. Olive oil can directly moisturize the intestines, and its decomposition products can stimulate intestinal peristalsis, so it can effectively improve the symptoms of constipation. You can also add a few drops of sesame oil to a cold salad or noodles, which has the same effect.

Twice Seaweed soup twice a week. The elderly should be constipated and not diarrhea. Laver is the best food for winter intestines. Compared with other ingredients, it is rich in abnormally soft crude fibers, containing 4.8 grams of crude fibers per 100 grams of dry product. It is very helpful to relieve constipation. The method of seaweed soup is simple, take 15 grams each time, soak it with water before eating, add water, add soy sauce and sesame oil and boil.

In addition, the elderly should be careful not to develop the habit of relying on laxatives. Laxatives cause food to pass through the intestines too quickly, reducing the digestion and absorption of food by the intestines, resulting in the loss of multiple nutrients. Long- term use of laxatives can also relax and deform the intestinal muscles, imbalance the flora, and worsen constipation. The elderly should develop the habit of regular bowel movements. Although there is no inconvenience, go to the toilet on time. After a long time, it will form a bowel reflection, which can effectively defecate regularly. In addition, focus on bowel movements without reading the newspaper or listening to music.

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