Tips for security and moisture protection

When humidity strikes, the best and easiest way to prevent moisture is to close the windows at home, especially the south- and south-east windows, and not to let the moisture outside the window look into it. The most important time to prevent moisture is in the morning and one night, from 6 to 9 am and 8 am to 2 am the next day. The humidity of these two periods is higher than other periods. If you do not close the doors and windows, water vapor will invade the house, and soon the entire house will be full of water vapor. If you want air circulation, you can turn on the exhaust fan, or the air conditioner, or open the window at noon for ventilation.

The calligraphy and calligraphy paintings are the biggest victims in wet weather. Experts suggest that before returning to Nantian, the calligraphy and paintings should be wrapped in newspapers and placed in sealed plastic bags.

Experts said that in humid weather, it is necessary to prevent the impact of wet weather on transmission lines, and remind customers of electricity to pay attention to the moisture resistance of electrical appliances to ensure the safety of electricity consumption. In rainy weather, although the signs of returning to the south are not obvious, some areas have indoor recurrence and effluent, which causes the appliances to be damp and the clothing and furniture to be damp and moldy. In places with heavy humidity such as the kitchen, it is recommended to turn on the exhaust fan, or use a fan or air conditioner every day to prevent moisture from attracting cockroaches and ants.

Electrical appliances may be exposed to moisture and cause water to accumulate on the circuit board. If they are powered on at this time, short circuits may occur. Therefore, before using the appliance, it is recommended to use a hair dryer to blow the internal components for a period of time to dry the water vapor before using it. Household appliances are often turned on, and the heat generated can dissipate moisture and prevent the appliances from getting wet.

Returning to the South, the food is prone to mildew due to the increase of moisture, especially seafood, herbs, cakes, etc. Therefore, the food should be sealed in a moisture-proof box in a timely manner, or wrapped in newspaper, and placed next to the air outlet of the air conditioner or dehumidifier. You can also put food in the refrigerator. You can also place dehumidifying pills or dehumidifying sponges where food is placed.

Returning to Nantian, because of the increased humidity and reduced visibility, special attention must be paid to safety while driving. Speed ​​duction and compliance with traffic rules are key. If the visibility is reduced, you can turn on the fog lights to remind the front and rear vehicles. Use low-beam headlights. Do not turn on the high-beam lights. The reason is that the high-beam lights will reduce the lighting distance under the action of water vapor and form a larger light in the direction of the car Fog affects driving. If the speed is slowing down on the highway, double flashing lights can be used to prompt the vehicle in front and back. In addition, it is necessary to prepare for braking in advance and not to be too close to the car.

A pot of warm salt water can solve the moisture-proof problem of the floor. Add a few spoonfuls of salt to the warm water. After the salt is fully dissolved, soak the mop in the salt water, wring the mop and start mopping. Warm salt water will evaporate faster than cold water, and the floor will dry faster. Magnesium chloride and calcium chloride in table salt can absorb moisture to prevent water vapor from condensing on the ground. After absorption and drying, it will turn into small particles. The drying time is extended again.

In addition to refurbishing clothes on a sunny day, you can usually put a piece of soap in the wardrobe and suitcase to eliminate musty smell. You can also put dry tea leaves in gauze bags and place them separately, which can not only remove the musty smell, but also allow the clothes to emit a burst of fragrance. Do not organize your clothes on rainy days to prevent moisture from invading the closet; buy a dehydration box, activated carbon, etc. into the closet in the supermarket, and remember to close the closet door.

When you are not at home, it is recommended to close the doors and windows, open the air conditioner and adjust it to the dehumidification level. The daily dehumidification capacity of a common air conditioner is 48 liters, which can achieve the dehumidification effect. After returning home normally, it is recommended not to open the window too large, it is best to use an electric fan to help the air convection and increase the effect of mold prevention. When conditions permit, you can also use the dehumidifier moderately, with a daily dehumidification volume of about 36 liters. Since the dehumidifier consumes relatively large power, it is recommended to use it with air conditioners.

Washing powder is a good helper for bathroom moisture. Divide the washing powder into small bags, poke a few small holes in the bag, and place them in the corners that need to be dehumidified. The washing powder will become piece by piece after absorbing water .

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