Understand the cause of obesity

What are the causes of obesity? Obesity has become a big concern for the whole people. Obesity affects not only everyone s body, but also hurts everyone s health. Therefore, we must pay attention to obesity and actively lose weight. What should we do to lose weight? Understanding the cause of obesity is the key to successful weight loss. Regarding obesity, there are 6 points you need to pay attention to:

People s living environment, living habits, and fashion trends are all important factors affecting body fatness. Changes in the living environment may mean changes in lifestyle and living habits. For example, the American lifestyle is more likely to cause obesity, such as stress . Larger, more intense social competition will cause obesity.

Heredity is not only related to obesity, but also has a lot to do with weight loss. It is generally believed that mothers have a closer inheritance of their children s body fatness. Generally speaking, the probability of a child s obesity is 75 %. Similarly, mothers lose weight and their children are 75% more likely to lose weight. Due to the long-term poverty in China, people with slower metabolism are more likely to survive, which has led to the emergence of a frugal gene, leading to more people with this frugal gene, so a lot of obesity appeared in the era of abundant food By.

The basal metabolic rate of men is significantly higher than that of women, and postmenopausal women are more prone to obesity. This is because of the different metabolic rates, postmenopausal women are more prone to obesity. At the same time, due to gender, the dietary habits of men and women, There are also differences in diet and exercise, so gender often determines obesity.

Of People who exercise a lot will not be prone to obesity. This is because exercise consumes a lot of calories, and people who exercise less will be more prone to obesity. So wanting to lose weight is a very important factor.

Dietary factors are the direct cause of human obesity. The root cause of obesity is that the calories consumed are more than the calories consumed, which leads to the conversion of calories into fat accumulation in the human body, but some people also eat less and also appear. What is obesity? This is because not much food does not mean that there are not many calories eaten. Due to the problem of diet structure, these people may not consume a lot of calories, which leads to obesity.

With the increase of age, the metabolism of the human body will decline, so this causes people to eat the same things when they are 20 years old and not fat, but when they are 40 years old, they will get fat.

Regarding the causes of obesity, after reading the above content introduction, have you already been clear? Obesity is indeed a big problem, so everyone must pay more attention to actively prevent obesity. Understanding the cause of obesity is an important way to prevent obesity. The 6 points of obesity introduced by the editor above hope that everyone can pay more attention to it, which will help everyone to prevent obesity.

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