Understanding the aging point in life

Time is like a shuttle. Even if the beauty methods are advanced, they cannot resist the laws of nature. There are 22 key points in aging time in your life. Making small changes in your life can keep you away from aging and disease.

8 years old determines female fertility. Hormonal secretion and progesterone levels at this time will have an impact on her life, so to avoid strenuous physical exercise, the diet must keep up.

10-year-old female sprouts during puberty. Forty percent of the bones are formed at this sprint rate, and it is important to get enough calcium. Eat more dairy products and exercise more to avoid obesity.

7-year-old wisdom tooth development. In case of oral disease, use mouthwash or saline solution to gargle and relieve pain and pain, and if necessary, paracetamol and aspirin.

25-year-old skeletal development reached its peak. To get enough calcium and vitamin D, in general, drink a bottle of milk or yogurt every day and get more sun to get vitamin D.

A 28-year-old man begins to lose hair. Changes in testosterone levels are the main reason for hair follicle atrophy. Pay attention to protein intake during breakfast. Eating more eggs and lean meat can delay hair follicle atrophy.

Best 34-year-old women s best childbearing age. Birth at this time can make the mother and baby healthier and the mother live longer. Taking folic acid every day is good for mother and baby health.

35-year-old gray hair began to appear. This is caused by the inactivation of melanocytes in the hair follicles. Taking B vitamins can delay the generation of white hair and also relieve mental stress.

The fertility of 40-year-old men has declined. Regardless of whether the mother is young or not, the abortion rate of the pregnant baby will increase at this time. Keeping the testicles cool is the key to improving sperm survival. More intake of foods rich in zinc, selenium, vitamin C, and vitamin E can improve sperm vitality.

42-year-old brain enters middle age, and brain cells lose 10,000 every day. As the ability to circulate decreases, the brain s oxygen supply decreases and memory is affected. Reading books, playing chess often, and playing musical instruments can help us keep our heads sharp.

The symptoms of presbyopia begin to appear at the age of 46. This is caused by the decreased focus ability of the eyes. Although presbyopia cannot resist, quitting smoking can avoid further problems, especially the occurrence of cataracts.

60-year-old cataract problem is outstanding. Eat more lentils, bean sprouts, cabbage, lettuce, kiwi, honeydew and other foods, pay attention to eye abnormalities.

63 years is the average age of female ovarian cancer. It s best to eat more cauliflower. Cruciferous vegetables contain proteins that inhibit ovarian cancer cells.

81 is the life expectancy of a British woman. Moderate diet, eat more vegetables and fruits, eat fish moderately, use olive oil, and drink wine moderately.

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