Ways to treat constipation, easy detoxification and slimming

Constipation is a problem that city people are more and more worried about. Many people try many ways to solve the problem of constipation. What on earth should constipation eat? How should constipation do? Today, eight prescriptions for constipation are recommended by women’s private talkers. They can easily help you to clear your bowels and expel intestinal toxins, and make you a light and thin person!

In modern society, many people may have constipation due to various reasons, such as bad living habits or diet. Constipation is the enemy of weight loss. It can’t expel the body’s toxins and feces. It may keep your waist and abdomen from decreasing! So if you want to be a light skinny person, you have to beat constipation first. What about constipation? Here are 8 ways to treat constipation and be a beauty.

Pinch a little prickly rose everyday and put it into the teapot. Brew it into light yellow and drink it frequently with boiling water. It’s a little bitter. No more yellow bubbles. It can eliminate inflammation and fire, treat enteritis, constipation, hypertension and other diseases.

Take 5-10g Houttuynia cordata and soak it in boiled water for 10-12min to drink tea for future generations. There is no limit to the amount of drinking water every day. After a course of treatment of 10 days, it was still effective after discontinuation and relapse. This medicine is sold in drugstores, with diuretic, antiphlogistic, detoxifying, purulent, expectorant effects.

Make Kudingcha before you go to bed. The next morning, I got up and washed 25g honey with cold Kuding tea, and drank it on an empty stomach. After drinking Kuding honey tea, drink a cup of boiled water again, generally 2-4 hours later can pass stool.

Take 500g of fresh potatoes, wash them, mash the mashed juice, put the juice into the pot, boil them over a small heat until they are thick, add twice the amount of honey, boil them until they are thick as honey, cool them, bottle them, twice a day, one spoon at a time, and wash them with boiling water.

100g walnut kernel, mash, 50g white sugar and 150ml yellow rice wine, put them into a casserole, boil them in high heat, fry them in low heat for another 10 minutes, and then take them warm. Take it twice a day for 10 days. It’s used for old people’s habitual constipation.

Take 60 grams of kelp, soak it in warm water for a few minutes, put it in the pot, and then add water to boil it. Then take out to cool, mix in seasoning and serve. Eat once, once a day. This method has a good effect on constipation caused by damp heat and dryness. Those with deficiency of spleen and stomach, cold and dampness should not take it.

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