Weight loss lipstick, a beautiful lie?

Nowadays, obesity has become a headache for many beauties. Many people see business opportunities, and a variety of weight-loss products are emerging. A weight-loss lipstick has recently appeared in the United Kingdom. Advertisements claim that users can control their appetite and burn fat by simply applying lipstick.

Such an attractive weight loss method has attracted much attention for a while. However, this lipstick was questioned as soon as it was launched. Some health experts point out that slimming lipsticks are just beautiful lies. Some people worry that the successive appearance of such weight -loss products will virtually bring pressure to women and make them more harsh on their bodies.

Weight Loss This slimming lipstick is produced by BurnerBalm, a Los Angeles-based company. It looks similar to ordinary lipsticks, but it is said to have magical effects and is considered a new breakthrough in weight loss.

Brand There are 5 slimming lipsticks of this brand with different fragrances, which have been listed in the United States earlier this year. According to the advertisement, users only need to apply slimming lipstick on their lips like ordinary lipsticks, which can suppress appetite, burn fat and carbohydrates and increase energy.

Kurtz said, People who use slimming lipsticks have reportedly lost 2.7 to 4.5 kilograms in weight and no other adverse reactions. The principle of slimming lipsticks is to suppress appetite.

Kurtz also said that his office often has cookies or cakes, and whenever he wears weight loss lipstick, he feels that his appetite is gone, because, it (the medicinal properties of lipstick) enters the body system through your lips, and when your lips It feels very comfortable when you paint on it.

Kurtz said that slimming lipstick contains cactus extract, which can suppress appetite. Indigenous people in desert areas often eat cacti to drive away hunger.

There are two other important substances in tincture lipsticks: green tea extract and chromium pyridine. Studies have shown that drinking green tea can increase the body s energy level by 4 percentage points, and promote metabolism, while chromium pyridine can help the body burn fat . Mixing these substances with shea butter and safflower oil forms a slimming lipstick.

Currently, this slimming lipstick is already available in the UK and costs £ 4.95 (about $ 7.92) each. Some critics point out that slimming lipsticks simply do not produce a substantial weight loss effect. If you want to lose weight, there is no better way than dieting and strengthening exercise.

Tam Frey, a member of the British National Obesity Forum, believes that although green tea and cactus have a weight loss effect, the content of lipstick alone is far from achieving weight loss.

They They put these substances (green tea and cactus) in the lipstick, but it is questionable whether they can really produce a significant weight loss effect. He said, the calories you consume are much higher than the weight loss substances in lipstick .

He also said: You don t need these little tricks at all, and the only lasting way to lose weight is to ensure that you consume fewer calories than you consume.

Hillary Freeman, who lives in north London, bought a slimming lipstick. She applies it 6 times a day, but feels that using the so-called weight loss lipstick has no effect on her weight.

Freeman said that she chose the pomegranate flavor from the five fragrances. The lipstick contains frosted particles and it feels a bit tingly when used.

I don t think (lipstick) has any energy-enhancing effect. She said, I can still eat in a restaurant with lipstick on my mouth, so I question the appetite control of lipstick. Of course, applying lipstick makes my lips feel Soft and the lipstick tastes good.

In addition to questioning the efficacy of weight loss, many people worry that the emergence of weight loss products is endless, which will bring pressure to women and make them look at their bodies more harshly.

Mary George, a spokesman for a UK body concerned about eating disorders, said that the emergence of trivial inventions such as weight loss lipsticks has prompted more women to worry that their bodies are not slim enough, and such fears are often unnecessary.

Nowadays, there are countless women who are overly keen to lose weight in order to maintain their figure. Helen Anderson, a British South Shields woman, drank only water and soup for several months to lose weight, and eventually lost her life. The autopsy results showed that the deceased s body began to consume fat stored in the body in the case of severe lack of sugar, which caused a metabolic adverse reaction, that is, ketoacidosis, which eventually led to death.

The Daily Mail quoted coroner Terence Carney as saying, The phenomenon, or the toxin, that occurred in Anderson s body was made by her. This is how the body reacts in the absence of sugar. Is also the result of Anderson s long-term continuous diet to lose weight.

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