Weight loss news reveals 4 weight loss pills that affect health

As weight loss news reports on the effects of weight loss medicines on health, more and more people are focusing on healthy weight loss. Many people choose weight-loss pills to lose weight because they strive to lose weight quickly and effectively. They think that weight -loss pills can be used to lose weight without exercise and diet. As everyone knows, many diet pills not only fail to lose weight, but also have an impact on our physical health, and even threaten our lives. The four diet pills disclosed below are this type.

Weight Loss News: For weight-loss pills, many friends are lucky, that is, they can easily lose weight by taking a few pills without starving or exercising … but is there such a good thing? In fact, there are so many things The weight-loss medicines are killers. The following four types of weight-loss medicines revealed by weight-loss news are typical anti-life-loss drugs that do not lose weight.

Appetite suppressant: mainly amphetamines. After taking the medicine, the appetite decreases, and anorexia is particularly easy to occur. At the same time, due to its excitatory effect, it reduces sleep, increases consumption, and leads to weight loss. Due to obvious side effects, this drug has been banned in some North American states.

Hormone drugs: mainly represented by thyroxine, which can improve the body s metabolism, increase the breakdown and consumption of fat, and thus reduce weight. However, if such drugs are used in excess of the normal physiological dose, they can often have adverse effects on the cardiovascular system.

This medicine is not suitable for women with irregular menstruation, because it will greatly disrupt your endocrine system and make hormones unbalanced. In addition, please be sure to tell your doctor when taking this medicine that you should not take it continuously for more than 6 months at a time.

Caloric drugs: thyroid hormones are common. When hyperthyroidism occurs, the metabolic rate of the person will rise, and fat consumption will increase, making the body thinner. However, this drug is a hormone and relatively dangerous, and is generally used only for pathological treatment.

Biguanide hypoglycemic drugs: This drug is mainly targeted at pathologically obese people, especially effective for obese patients, but it is mainly caused by anorexia and weight loss. This side effect is very useful for weight loss treatment. If your blood sugar is not high and you have no family history of diabetes, it may cause cold sweat and even coma caused by hypoglycemia.

Slimming pills contains many ingredients that affect the health of the body, so patients need to be careful when choosing. For more news about weight loss news, you can follow the weight loss news list of Dongfanghong News Channel.

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