Weight Loss Tips: Stomach

At present, one of the most avant-garde ways to lose weight is popular in the United States-stomach. This method may sound scary at first, but for those who are obese, it is much safer to get a stomach than obesity.

Stomach ligation is a type of gastric replacement tube surgery, also known as U-shaped gastric ligation. Stomach piercing was once considered an extraordinary weight loss method, and it has now become the most popular weight loss fashion. About 57,000 Americans plan to perform this operation this year.

Luo A woman named Russell in New Jersey, USA, weighed 359 pounds (about 163 kilograms) before going to her stomach, and was struggling to walk from the kitchen to the bedroom.

After trying various weight loss methods, Rosell turned to Dr. Kaipla, a surgeon in gastric replacement tube surgery in New Jersey. Dr. Kaipla had performed gastric bandages on 3,000 obese patients.

Dr. Kai Kaipla admits that there is a certain risk in performing this operation, which can lead to blood clots, blood complications, and even death. Despite this, obese patients with Dr. Keppel and his son Joseph, who were practicing doctors, followed .

Dr. Kai Pula tied a portion of Russell s stomach with a U-shaped needle, which would shrink to the size of his thumb. After shrinking, the stomach is connected to the small intestine, and Rosell quickly feels full when eating.

After half a month of surgical pain, Russell recovered. I can t eat more at all, because I can t stuff food into such a small stomach bag. She reduced from 359 pounds to 175 pounds (about 79 kg). The mother, aunt, uncle, cousin and friends who had a stomachache to lose weight also succeeded.

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