Weight loss

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that obesity is mostly a symptom of falsehood. The deficiency is mainly based on qi deficiency. If both yin and yang disorders are present, there may be yang deficiency or qi and yin deficiency. The disease is in the spleen, kidney , liver, gall, heart and lung. The labeling is mainly based on cream and phlegm, often with water and humidity, and blood stasis and qi stagnation.

The specimen may be focused and mixed between the actual and the false. In clinical practice, we must seize the key points, examine the evidence and seek for the cause, and carefully dispense the medicine to achieve satisfactory results. Here are seven ways to lose weight in Chinese medicine.

Is used for obesity due to poor spleen movement and dampness. The symptoms are full, greasy, and the pulse is thin. Representatives such as Zexie Decoction, Erzhu Fuling Decoction, Fangji Huangqi Decoction and so on.

Used for phlegm and obesity. Symptoms include qi deficiency, chest tightness, lethargy, lazy moss, greasy tongue, and smooth pulse. The lighter ones use Erchen decoction, Pingchen decoction, and the three-children s decoction, while the heavy ones use control saliva, phlegm decoction.

There is a distinction between contending and pushing. Symptoms include obesity, swelling, urination, abdominal distension, and fine pulse. Use Wupiyin and Xiaofen to drink slightly, and use Zhouche Pill, Shizao Soup and the like.

Lightly to the main. Mostly used for obesity caused by fat and thick taste. Symptoms see a big belly, wheezing, thick yellow fur, and pulses. Choose Dachengqi Decoction, Xiaochengqi Decoction, Tiaowei Chengqi Decoction or Single Flavored Rhubarb Tablets.

For appetite-free obesity. Symptoms see obesity, lazy movement, full belly food, white fur. Hawthorn is generally used for fleshy product, Divine Comedy for consumption area, and malt for food consumption.

For fat and liver qi stagnation or blood stasis. Symptoms include obesity combined with threatening pain, irritability, dizziness, burnout, abdominal distension, yellow tongue coating, and pulse strings. Always choose Wendan Decoction, Shugan Yin, Xiaokang San, Xiaoyao San and so on.

Obesity is based on the method of strengthening the spleen and stomach. Symptoms include spleen deficiency, weak stomach, decreased appetite, fatigue, weak white fur, and weak pulses. Commonly used formulas such as Shenzhubaizhusan, Yigongsan, Qimu Wan, Wulingsan and so on .

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