What are the bad performances of facial liposuction

1. Hematoma, seroma: It is related to the failure of facial liposuction, which may be related to the suction level is too deep, the action is too rough, and the postoperative bandaging and compression is not proper. If there is a hematoma, the needle can be drawn out from the original incision and then re-compressed and bandaged.

2. Infection: related to facial liposuction failure. Facial aspiration generally does not easily cause infections, but also pay attention to aseptic, non-invasive manipulation to avoid leaving dead space. If infection occurs, change the medicine in time. If necessary, apply antibiotics or rinse with antibiotic solution.

3. Peripheral nerve injury: related to facial liposuction failure. May be due to the suction level is too deep, the facial nerve diaphragmatic branch, buccal branch, mandibular limb branch and so on. Although the injury of the facial nerve is generally temporary and can be gradually recovered, it is necessary to pay attention to the liposuction plane and the suction action should be gentle.

4. Skin unevenness: related to improper suction plane and uneven liposuction. The treatment method is to completely flatten the protruding area after swelling, or inject fat into the recessed area to improve it.

Experts remind that facial liposuction has high requirements for aseptic environment and suction technique during surgery. Doctors should be familiar with local anatomy and pay attention to the level and method of suction. This directly affects the failure of facial liposuction, so choose a regular and qualified plastic surgery hospital. And physicians matter.

Old Chinese medicine health network warm reminder: Even if the facial liposuction fails, it can be repaired, but the failed repair operation will take more than six months after surgery, and the surgical plan needs to be redesigned for the cause of the failure. Want to know more about plastic surgery can pay attention to Jiujiu health network plastic channel.

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