What are the benefits of insisting on exercise?

Modern people are stressed and many suffer from insomnia. In addition, as people get older, their sleep patterns change and their sleep becomes lighter. Studies have shown that women who walk and other aerobic exercises at least an hour each time 4 times a week have a sleep quality that is 50% higher than those who do not exercise. Therefore, insisting on exercise can be described as a very effective sleep sleeping pill.

Exercise is a must to keep fit. Exercise, especially aerobic exercise, requires burning fat to provide energy. During exercise, it consumes calories and has a fat-reducing effect. In addition, some strength-type exercises can exercise people s muscles well , enhance metabolic capacity, increase daily energy consumption, avoid the accumulation of heat to form fat, and also make the muscles feel lined, making people fit and sunny.

With the increase of age, all the functions of the human body will decline, and insisting on exercise will increase the muscle mass, making people still have a good physique in the elderly, and exercise can slow down the function of each body system and prolong life. According to foreign reports, when people reach middle age, insisting on aerobic exercise can delay physiological aging for 12 years.

People often use developed limbs and simple minds to describe sports and fitness people, but in fact, people who love sports are not simple at all. Exercise can not only strengthen the human body, but also promote brain development, improve and enhance brain function, and help intellectual development. During exercise, people can enhance their memory through memory movements and essentials.

Lack of exercise is an important cause of obesity. And more and more epidemiological evidence indicates that obesity can increase the incidence and mortality of some cancers, such as endometrial cancer, breast cancer, esophageal cancer, and colorectal cancer. Therefore, adherence to exercise and weight control can reduce the risk of cancer.

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