What are the benefits of losing weight? Why can’t I lose weight?

Exercise is a must for keep fit. Exercise, especially aerobic exercise, requires burning fat to provide energy. During exercise, it consumes calories and has a fat-reducing effect. In addition, some strength-type exercises can exercise people s muscles well , enhance metabolic capacity, increase daily energy consumption, avoid the accumulation of heat to form fat, and also make the muscles feel lined, making people fit and sunny.

Muscles, bones and joints build the human body structure. During exercise, muscles are strained and can cause compression to the bones. This stress promotes bone growth. During development, adolescents continue to exercise and combine with diet can increase their height.

Glucose is a source of energy for exercise. Consuming glucose through exercise can lower blood sugar and prevent diabetes. Diabetes patients control blood lipids through exercise, which is conducive to treatment.

Many people can t resist the temptation of food, can t make a balanced diet, and can t balance the income and expenditure of calories, which is also one of the important factors that cause fat growth.

Women are often lost in losing weight. They obviously want to lose weight and they are afraid that others will know it. They cannot get approval and proper help. Obviously in the process of losing weight, but dare not admit that you are losing weight, apparently reduced in some way or product, but said that they are inexplicably thin, this unhealthy thought has also made many people who need to lose weight stumped and unable to succeed successfully lose weight.

Some people have too high self-awareness, apparently obesity has caused harm to their health, but dead ducks have hard mouths and do not lose weight. Waiting for an unbearable or uncontrollable degree before seeking help from a professional physician is a result of poor weight loss and poor results. Key factor.

Some people dont care about obesity, letting fat grow arbitrarily. They say that they are fat, but they dont eat less. So-called: you dont care about money, you dont care about money, you mean the same thing. Weight loss does not help improve obesity.

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