What are the dangers of losing weight and not eating staple food?

I believe that when it comes to weight loss, this will be a topic that many beauty lovers can t talk about for three days and nights. There are also many ways to lose weight. Often we will see that many friends who are losing weight do not like to eat staple foods and use vegetables and fruits instead. In fact, not eating staple foods will also have an adverse effect on our bodies. So what are the dangers of losing weight and not eating staple foods? I will ask friends to take a look at it in the next time.

People may lose their staple food without realizing that we have lost our health. If the body s heat supply is insufficient, tissue proteins and fats will be used to solve it, and the decomposition and consumption of tissue proteins will affect organ function; oxidation of a large number of fatty acids will also generate ketones, leading to ketosis and even ketoacidosis. The latest research by American nutritionists shows that people who eat less staple foods have higher bad cholesterol and a higher risk of heart disease. Another American study also showed that if you don t eat staple foods such as bread, noodles, potatoes, etc. for a week, your brain s memory and cognitive ability will be impaired. Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes grains for nutrition. Insufficient intake of staple foods can easily lead to qi and blood deficiency, kidney qi deficiency, and fatigue and hair loss.

Regardless of health or body size, people should ensure daily intake of staple foods, said Cao Jianmin, director of the Sports Nutrition Research Office at the Science Research Center of Beijing Sport University. So, how do you know whether the staple food you eat is enough? Generally, the energy provided by staple foods such as cereals accounts for 50% -60% of the daily demand. Zhai Fengying said. An adult needs about 2000 kilocalories a day, of which no less than 1,000 kilocalories are derived from the staple food, and the ratio of three meals is preferably 4: 3: 3 or 4: 4: 2. For example: eating two medium-sized buns in the morning, plus a bowl of millet porridge; you can eat a bowl of noodles at noon; eating a small bowl of rice with a piece of sweet potato at night, this is a reasonable combination. But pay attention, eat less fried staple foods such as oil cakes, fried dough sticks, etc. These foods will absorb a large amount of fat, and the calories are much higher than the cooked rice noodles.

The above texts give us a detailed introduction to the dangers of losing weight and not eating staple foods. Here I sincerely hope that friends who have concerns in this regard can read the above content carefully, so that they can have a deeper understanding and more understanding of these dangers Skillful mastery can also arouse more vigilance and attention. Therefore, I hope that everyone should also protect their own health while losing weight.

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